Kim Kardashian reveals her three FAVORITE sisters but snubs one of the sisters in shocking interview

KIM Kardashian named his three “favorite” sisters during an interview on the Ellen Show.

Kim, 41, has four sisters Kourtney, 42, Khloe, 37, Kendall, 26, and Kylie, 24, as well as a brother Rob, 35.

The whole Kardashian gang, minus Rob.  Sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie all pose together


During a play on the daytime TV talk show, Kim was asked to “name her three favorite sisters.”

With the clock ticking, the Hulu star replied: “Khloe, Kendall and Kylie.”

Then he rings the bell in a practical way as the audience gasps in collective shock.

Ellen jokes “it’s a pity for others” in response.

Kim's fans were blown away by how much he is

Kim raises concerns about her tiny waist and slim build while wearing a cropped top

The clip, posted on TikTok, made Kourtney Kardashian fans feel sorry for the senior Kardashian in the comments section.

“Kourtney is screaming [right now]Commented a fan.

While another added, “lol poor Kourtney”.

The quarrel between Kim and her older sister has been well documented over the years.

In a resurfaced clip Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the couple were filmed arguing over Kourtney’s refusal to be flexible with her time.

In the excerpt, Kim is shown trying to plan a photo shoot for the family greeting card.

The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Skims Mogul expresses her frustration with her older sister who doesn’t care about the other’s plans.

Eventually, he loses his temper and spits, “Maybe if you had a business that you were fucking passionate about, you’d know what it takes to run a fucking business, but you don’t!”

Kris, 66, tried to intrude with “be nice”, but Kim was furious: “Nobody wants you in the fucking shoot, so get out of here, get out of here and go.”

In a dramatic twist, Kourtney decided to get out of the house as Kim continued: “I need Kourtney not to be so annoying with a stick up her ass like she runs this shit, because she doesn’t.”

He added the ferocious remark: “It’s the least interesting to watch.”


This fight for photo shoot scheduling wasn’t the worst brotherhood in the fourteen-year history of the show.

In KUWTK season 18, things got physical between the two older sisters when a cruel fistfight left Kim with nasty cuts.

Tensions erupted after Kim again criticized the Poosh creator’s work ethic and accused her of “not caring about things.”

Visibly offended, Kourtney then fired: “I’ll literally piss you off if you mention it again. Shut up and don’t laugh like that, you look like a monster!

After breaking off the fierce struggle, exasperated sister Khloe revealed in a confessional: “We really don’t know where this is coming from. We know there has been some friction recently, but I don’t think any of us knew it was so ugly and heavy. “

He concluded: “It is truly amazing that it has gone so far.”


Tempers seemed to have cooled when Kim recently praised her sister Kourtney as “iconic” for becoming the first member of the family to attend the Oscars.

The proud sister was quick to share a photo of Kourtney and boyfriend Travis Barker, 46, on the red carpet of her Instagram story.

He captioned the photo, “This is so iconic,” followed by a series of crying face emojis.

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He also shared a photo of the Blink-182 drummer playing on stage.

Khloe also praised Kourtney when she called her and Travis “royalty of rock”.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian pose together in Turks and Caicos


Kim ponders the question for a brief moment, then names her favorite sisters, not including Kourtney


Kim is not troubled by Ellen's joking remark


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