Jennifer Aniston breaks her silence on ‘painful’ maternity rumors

At 52 years old Jennifer Aniston She is one of the most experienced actresses in the industry and has been through all kinds of phases in her career as well as in her personal life. Even so, she has always managed to stay away as much as possible from the media turmoil that has focused on her and the rumors that have haunted her for years.

Her mediatic divorce from Brad Pitt and the “teams” that were formed with her and Angelina Jolie, the multiple rumors about they alleged pregnancies or adoptions and her separation from Justin Theroux have been the talk of Hollywood, but Aniston has managed to avoid all this kind of fuss.

Now, with the wisdom she seems to have acquired, Jennifer opens up about The Hollywood Reporter about everything that has been said about her in her career and talks about the double standards of the industry and society in general.

“Men can marry as many times as they want, they can marry younger women in their 20s or 30s. women are not allowed that,” he declares.

As for the media scrutiny and if you think the climate is changing with cases like that of Britney Spears, he replies:

“I don’t know, because I think people still do it today. What the tabloids and the media did to people’s personal lives back thenNow normal people do it. Although I haven’t read a tabloid in a long time. Am I still going to have twins? Am I going to be a miracle mom at 52?” she mocks, laughing at the rumors.

“Now we have social networks. And it’s almost as if the media has passed the sword to any random person sitting at a computer being a troll or whatever they want to call them and bully people with comments. So it’s like he’s changed hands in a way. And I don’t know why there is still such a cruel outburst in society. I often wonder what they earn,” she says.

“And listen, is it a bit annoying having to deal publicly with dark moments shit in front of the world? Yes, it is inconvenient, but everything is relative. I i had to make a decision: Either I give in to eating chocolates and living under the duvet or I go out and find a creative outlet to thrive in, and that’s what I did,” he says.

On feeling judged or not validated as a woman for being single or not having children, Aniston is clear: “I used to take it very personal pregnancy rumors and the whole ‘oh you’ve chosen your career over children’ thing. But it is that it is in plan, you have no idea what’s going on with me personally, medically, why can’t I… can I have children? They don’t know anything, and it was very painful and horrible,” she acknowledges.

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