Jason Momoa will star in the movie based on the best-selling video game in history

For some time now, adaptations of video games to the big screen they are squaring the circle: to be a success with the public and, in part, with critics. ‘Uncharted’ or ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ are among the five highest-grossing films so far this year in the United States, and that has given wings to continue with these adaptations. You know the Hollywood thing: if something works, burn it down as fast as you can. The last thing has been to resurrect ‘Minecraft’ and get a new protagonist: neither more nor less than Jason Momoa, who is already in the final negotiations according to THR.

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I have a mammoth horn

If ‘Minecraft’ sounds like something very modern to you, I have news that you are not going to like: the game is over a decade old on computers, consoles and even mobile phones around the world. What is not clear is what story they are going to take out of an open world game without a story to usebeyond what the players themselves can roleplay, but the game has enough attractions (from the ability to modify the environment to supernatural elements) to be able to do something up to par.

Or at least that’s what Allison Schroeder (nominated for an Oscar for ‘Hidden Figures’) and Peter Solett (director of ‘Nick and Nora, a love story’ and the recent ‘Metal lords’) will try, who have written a script that, a priori, it will be directed by Jared Hess. Hess directed ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ a few years ago, so with this creative combo and Jason Momoa starring it’s likely that this adaptation is much more than it seems at first glance.

It is not the first news we have about a ‘Minecraft’ movie: It’s been eight years since Warner’s intention to make it together with Mojang Studios was announced. Since then, all kinds of names have passed through the film: Rob McElhenney, Shawn Levy, Steve Carell… At the moment, Jason Momoa is the only name in the final negotiations to star in the film. Will we get to see her one day?

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