Inditex joins the Kardashian Clan, although with stock market weakness

Inditex joins the Kardashian Clan, although with stock market weakness

In 2022, Inditex has a long way to go to recover. Although it has ceased to be the red lantern of the market, the truth is that its sharp falls continue in a market that is clearly bearish, with fear of recession coming from the United States and qthat could have a significant impact on this value, clearly linked to consumptionalthough yesterday he took a break with a rebound.

However, the truth is that some experts, as we will see later, continue to bet on value, especially at these prices that some consider very attractive to enter, around 20 euros per share. In its price graph we see that the value breaks upwards after sessions of falls, with little change in the monthly baggage while maintaining cuts of 28.15% in the year.

Inditex annual stock price

Among the novelties we find with the new alliance signed with the firm of Khloé Kardashian in the United States. A pop up, what is known as an itinerant and temporary store, as we have already seen in H&M, with its firm Good American specialized in denim and cWith a price of about 150 dollars that range between 30 and 90 dollars in its American alliance with Zara.

Inditex “achieves (1) rebound from the important support level, 17.385 euros per share, (2) cover the bearish gap of 20.675 euros in a daily close and (3) violate the medium-term bearish guideline dotted in blue. The following resistances are located in: the bearish guideline in fuchsia color, the level 22.375 euros, the downward gap at 24.045 euros, the 25.98 euros and 25.365 euros per sharetogether with the simple moving average of 200 periods or of long term”, indicates the independent analyst Néstor Borrás.

Inditex on daily chart with Average Amplitude Range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Inditex technical analysis of value

From the premium indicators prepared by Investment Strategies, we see that Inditex, in bearish mode, barely reaches 1 point out of 10 possible for valuewith only positive long-term business volume showing growth.

The rest, bearish trend in the medium and long term, with total momentum, slow and fast negative, volume of business in the medium term decreasing and volatility of the value, increasing in both aspects, both in the medium and long term.

From Income 4, the analyst Eduardo Faus He considered just a few days ago that “we show the occasions in which there have been very high oversold readings in its weekly indicator and these have begun to reverse (reversals of the indicator from the yellow band). On all the previous occasions in which this has happened, a significant bottom was generated (minimum of 18.10 euros marked on March 7?). These recoveries have at least been recovering 50% of what has fallen since the maximum”.

Inditex Renta 4 technical analysis

“If the price recovers during the next weeks 50% of what fell from the highs of November, we would have prices of 25 euros. The indicator, in addition, has not harmonized its fall to levels where it has been doing it historically, suggesting that it would be on the way to the rise, with a purchase recommendation for the value.

For José Lizán, manager of Quádriga believes that “we can see a rebound in the short term and it might make sense to try to take advantage of it, up to 24 euros. Although I think it is more of a rebound than a structural change, I think he will correct it again later.”

That is why the expert points to “the possibility of “playing a trade” up to 24 or 25 euros may make sense, but it has pierced the long-term uptrend line, so it could fall again. The next move for Inditex, if there is a global crisis or recession, you can take the action up to 16 euros. In the short term, we would be buyers to play the next results, which we believe will be good, and if it goes to 23 or 24 euros per share, we would drop”.

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