Google will include seismic alert on its Android phones

In general, due to the use and widespread use of this service, it is traditionally related to Google with the search Webeven though the current scope of the firm owned by Alphabet It covers other categories, however, all of them have something in common, organizing the information that exists in the world and making it accessible to anyone.

Bearing this in mind, at the opening conference of his event I/O 2022, The digital consortium made a series of announcements related to its search, maps and translation products and services, among others.

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Points were highlighted for Google Search and its new Multisearch feature, like Google Maps’ “Immersive View” tool, enhancements aimed at creating a more natural experience on Google Assistant and the addition of 24 new languages ​​for Google Translate among many other terms.

Google will have seismic alert on Android

However, one of the ones that most caught the attention of the enthusiasts of Androidis that the technology company announced that devices with the Android operating system will have a earthquake early warning.

According to the firm, this new tool has its raison d’être in helping to prevent disasters.

This seismic alert system will arrive at the end of this year to all devices that have Android 13.

Along with this seismic warning system, google also announced the function of Emergency S.O.S. for devices Wear OSwhich will send an alert to trusted friends, family and emergency services directly from the smartwatch.

How does the Android seismic alert work?

This function makes use of the accelerometer that devices with said technology have. operating system.

“Android’s earthquake alert system uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect the initial P-wave generated by earthquakes. Your device sends a city-level location that doesn’t include a zip code or street address to Google’s earthquake detection server. The company then checks before sending out a loud notification that includes the location and magnitude before the destructive S-wave arrives. This alert can take control of your screen and provides a reminder of fall, coverage and waiting”, explained the specialized site in the firm, 9to5Google.

This system is already enabled in the United States and some other countries, such as Greece, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

More Google Ads

The company took advantage of the technological event to point out that it will continue working on improving the experience on large devices, such as tablets and folding devices, thanks to the launch of Android 12L, In addition, it will update more than 20 of its apps with the aim of “making the most of the additional space”.

In addition, android 13 It will have a greater focus on privacy and security, aspects that are currently highly demanded by users, which is why RCS messages will have the end-to-end encryption function in group conversations.

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