“Giulia Salemi is a secret sister of the Kardashians”: the incredible theory – VIDEO

According to an incredible theory, Giulia Salemi would be Kim Kardashian’s sister. There is also a video that would explain how all of this could be possible.

Giulia Salemi he has always greatly admired the family Kardashian, which he often imitated in the look. A while ago she imitated on Tik Tok Kourtney Kardashian, who rewarded her with a repostthat is with a sharing of the content of ours influencer. Salemi’s enthusiastic reaction made hers even clearer admiration for the Kardashians.

The visible similarity between Giulia Salemi and Kim Kardashian (Instagram photo).

The video of Tik Tok it was not the only occasion in which Giulia Salemi was clearly inspired by the Kardashians and in particular by Kim. Several times, she put on makeup just like the well-known American family, and other times she joked about self-appealing “the Kim Kardashian of Piacenza“. Although there is a similarity, the origins of the two divas are very different.

Giulia Salemi and the Kardashians: the incredible story

Giulia Salemi owes her Mediterranean features and beauty above all to her mother Farhiba Tehrani, which is Iranian. The father of the ex gieffinainstead, it is Italian and it is called Mario Salemi. The Kardashian family also offers a mix of ethnicities, which however are different from the Salemi: the father was a well-known Armenian lawyer, while the mother is American.

The romantic horseback ride to Il Borgo Il Mezzanino by Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi (photo Instagram).
The romantic horseback ride to Il Borgo Il Mezzanino by Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi (photo Instagram).

All this has not held back the fan of the Prelemes, and in particular those of Giulia Salemi, from claiming that she is really Kim Kardashian’s sister. There are several videosespecially on Tik Tok, which they reconstruct trying to provide proof, this theory. Everything is based on the fact that theinfluencer Italian-Iranian would share it same father by Kim Kardashian.

Is the similarity sufficient to establish a relationship?

The video immediately went viral explains that Fahriba Tehrani would have met Kim Kardashian’s father in America in 1993, and would have become pregnant with Giulia Salemi, probably from an occasional meeting. However, it would seem that there is not no evidence that Salemi’s mother met Kim Kardashian’s late father.

The influencer Giulia Salemi defines herself "the Kim Kardashian of Piacenza" (source: Instagram).
The influencer Giulia Salemi defines herself as “the Kim Kardashian of Piacenza” (source: Instagram).

L’age and the similarity would be enough ai fan of Salemi to claim she is Kim Kardashian’s secret sister. It is not clear why, at this point, it is Giulia who is trying to attract the attention of the American family, too settling down likewise or imitating her favorites in the videos.

Here is the video that would support the relationship between Salemi and Kim Kardashian:

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