‘Doctor Strange 2’ Writer Discusses Tom Cruise’s Cameo as Iron Man

After a long waitDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ reached the movie theaters confirming, or not, certain rumors and cameos that supposedly would be seen throughout the film, such as the one in Patrick Stewart like Charles Xavier.

However, one of those who was not present was Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man, which was a strong rumor that began to be talked about after the trailer came to light.

This is because, in one of the preview scenes, it is possible to see a character with a armor glowing that appears flying and starts to fight against the Scarlet Witch, but it wasn’t him.

In this way, after the premiere michael waldronthe screenwriter of the tape, spoke about this alleged cameo during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where he explained what happened to this idea.

Thus, he pointed out that they did plan how to include Tom Cruise as a Iron Man variantwhich was rumored could be Superior, a character affected by a spell from Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch, which enhanced his most sinister and selfish side.

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“I love Tom Cruise, and at one point I said to Kevin Feige, ‘Can we have Tom Cruise’s Iron Man?'” idea.

For this reason, he spoke about the rumors that parts of the tape were cut: “That was totally made up. I mean, there are no cropped images of Tom Cruise!”

After this, he made it clear that the actor was not even contacted, since he was busy filming ‘Mission Impossible 7’, which made time difficult and represented a problem of availability.

Despite this, some of the speculations were confirmed and it was possible to see incredible cameos in the film, such as the presence of the illuminati, a secret group of superheroes made up of Professor X, Mordo, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Mr. Fantastic and Captain Carter.

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