Devin Booker’s strange message to _Kendall Jenner above his Chevrolet

While the Phoenix Suns star wants to reach the Conference finals, he sent a strong message to clarify the rumors with his partner on top of a classic car, worthy of a sculpture.

Devin Booker behaves truly like a star within the NBAbecause after being one of the best players in the league today, he has kept a low-profile life, despite having an influencer girlfriend like Kendall Jenner.

However, in recent days, Several rumors began to talk about the couple that has all the flashes in the United States and all over the world. the player of the phoenix suns He took the opportunity to send a message to the fans.

Is that the his own followers and those of his partner, now join the fans of this duo that, in silence, became one of the favorites of the whole world. The truth is that before this, the speculation did not stop.

Everyone’s expectation is set on what will happen to the couple that today is one of the fan favorites on social networks. Although they do not show much on their Instagram accounts, everything indicates that they are at their best.

For this, he took advantage and showed one of his most incredible cars from his collection. True to his classic style, he climbed on top of a Chevrolet El Camino which also got all the praise from car fans.

“Hey boy, Kendall is only mine”, were the words of Book above his car that reaches the 170km/h and it is another of the classics that he has the crack of the Suns in his garage. With that message, she made it clear that the relationship is stronger than ever.

Devin Booker and a special message for Kendall Jenner.

Is that despite all the rumours, the couple has been shown publicly almost two years after the beginning of the relationship between the two. It is clear that they are happy and that translates into his work, since the Baby Face Killer He is one of the main candidates to stay with the NBA MVP.

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