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Candice Accola is a well-known American actress, who achieved fame with the role of Caroline Forbes in the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries, where he acts alongside Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder. But we’ve already seen Candice on several TV series, and even touring with Miley Cyrus. Today we reveal everything about the actress, in 7 curiosities you probably don’t know about her yet.

How old is Candice Accola?

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Candice Accola was born in Houston in the 1987: today is about to accomplish 35 years. His father is a vascular surgeon, while his mother was an environmental engineer and later a housewife. She has shown her interest in acting since she was a child, and after school she found an agent in California. Six months after moving to Los Angeles, she landed her first CD deal. Indeed, in addition to being a talented actress, she is Candice too singer. After finishing his studies he appears in first movie The Pirate Camp, to continue with other jobs such as On The Doll, Juno, Deadgirl And X’s & O’s.

Candice Accola and Hannah Montana

Candice Accola and Miley Cyrus they collaborated together. Before the successful adventure in The Vampire DiariesCandice embarked on a career from singerin fact in 2006 his first album was released, and a year later he took part as a backing vocalist, to the Best of Both Worlds Tour from Hannah Montana alongside Miley. The tour was organized for the launch of Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrusand the songs marked the soundtrack of the second isday of Hannah Montana. In all they were organized 70 shows during the tour, between the USA and Toronto. The show was curated by Kenny Ortegathe choreographer from High School Musical. The live experience has even been transformed into a film, where Accola is recognizable among the choristers.

Candice Accola is in many TV series

Parallel to her singing career, Candice Accola oversaw the one from actress. She has appeared in many famous series, such as How I Met Your Mother And Supernaturalbut also Greek – The brotherhood, The Originals And The Orville (the latest works). He participated as guest star also in the tv series Drop dead diva. And he obviously achieved stardom as Caroline in The Vampire Diaries.

Candice Accola is very popular on Instagram

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Obviously the actress has a Instagram profilefollowed by almost 10 million followers. On social media, Candice shares promotional photographs and moments of everyday life, between professionalism and moments of pure leisure. In many images he is with his own friends or with the family.

Candice Accola and her marriage to Joe King

candice accola and her marriage to joe king

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After 3 years of engagement, the actress married the musician Joe King in 2014, member of The Fray. The two met at an event on Super Bowlbut it was the colleague and friend Nina Dobrev to make them meet, a love story, born almost by chance, still goes to today swollen sails. Before meeting Joe, Candice had an affair with another colleague, actor Tyler Hoechlin, with whom she would date between 2004 and 2005. From her love with Joe King, in 2016 a wonderful little girl was born. , Florence May King.

Candice Accola in the Vampire Diaries hid the pregnancy

the Vampire Diaries

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During the filming of the series, the actress had to hide her pregnancy. In fact, vampires cannot get pregnant, and the producers have come up with a trick to justify the baby bump. The authors then wrote that the Gemini coven had transferred Jo’s and Alaric’s children to Caroline, upon Jo’s death. A smart solution! Despite this small hitch, the experience was very positive for Candice. She relied completely on the authors, never interfering in the evolution or definition of her character. In addition, on the set he formed deep bonds with his colleagues, now dear friends. In fact, Candice particularly cares about Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham, Ian Somerhalder And Michael Trevino. Many of them also attended her wedding with Joe.

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