Cadena moves the Chivas call for the Clásico Tapatío

Chivas carried out his last practice with several novelties prior to disputing the Classic Tapatio First Leg of the Quarterfinals this Thursday at the Akron Stadium, so Richard Chain presented the list of 22 players summoned for said commitment, so without thinking about it, here we tell you what the strategist’s modifications were red and white.

The low of the ‘Cinnamon‘ will be compensated with Alexander Organistwhile Paolo Yrizar will return to the call after taking the place of Gilberto Garcia. So much ‘orgy‘ What Paulthey have been in training for several weeks Guadalajaraso they are ready to be considered by the teacher String.

Now, you are probably wondering what happened to Sebastian Perez Bouquet? Well then ‘sebas‘ joined the U-20 National Team this Wednesday, which is preparing for the CONCACAF Pre-World Cup, so it will return to Perla Tapatia next Friday, when the tri youth microcycle concludes.

On the other hand, despite not going to the bench against Pumas due to a last-minute annoyance, Raul Gudino will also concentrate with the Herd and may be taken into account.

Those summoned from Chivas for the First Leg of the Quarterfinals:

goalkeepers: Miguel Jimenez, Raul Gudino.

Defenses: Gilberto Sepulveda, Hiram Mier, Luis Olivas, Antonio Briseño, Miguel Ponce, Jesús Sánchez, Cristian Calderón, Carlos Cisneros, Gilberto Orozco.

Media: Fernando Beltrán, Eduardo Torres, Alejandro Organista, Pavel Pérez, Sergio Flores.

strikers: José Juan Macías, Alexis Vega, Roberto Alvarado, César Huerta, Ángel Zaldívar, Paolo Yrizar.

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