Ana Morgade: what plans did her parents have for her, when was her daughter born and her viral garment bag

Ana Morgade He is one of the best-known faces of humor in Spain, and one of the voices that sounds the most on the radio. The presenter of yu, do not lose anything humor is in the genes. He says that she has inherited it from his parents, they are very funny, but “luckily they have dedicated their career to another path”.

“They have not dedicated themselves to humor and I also thank them, because otherwise I could not do this, I would be in their shadow,” the 42-year-old comedian acknowledged in an interview with The newspaper.

A family with a great sense of humor

A sense of humor runs in the family of Ana Morgade, who as a child already practiced with her brother.

“My older brother and I used to have made-up joke competitions, I’ve always loved dressing up… Actually, I’ve been clowning all my life. and then I realized that the interesting thing was to do it for a fee. That has already changed my life. If I liked doing it for free, imagine now. It’s a delight,” the journalist told El Mundo, where she revealed that her parents had other career plans for her.

My father is an engineer and my mother is a health care technician.. The most artistic thing I have close to me are some family members who are painters. My father has his mind on graph paper and when I told him that he was going to dedicate myself to this, it was a shock. His illusion was that he would dedicate me to something serious, like law or something. But I was on to something else”, explained the comedian, who has a degree in Audiovisual Communication.

Ana Morgade She is the second of four brothers, of which he speaks without problem but keeps away from the spotlight. Thus, in 2017, he denounced the harassment they were suffering through networks. “No one is to blame for my doing what I do […] I do not consent to being harassed, being bullied or bothered,” the actress wrote.

Victim of a stalker

She knows well what bullying is. She lived it for years on social networks from the hand of a fan until in 2019 he decided to take action and denounce.

The complaint was in September when the presenter of yu, don’t miss anything took his play altered behaviors to Pamplona. The man followed her to the Tres Reyes hotel, where she was staying. “What a coincidence,” he told her in a clash before entering the Gayarre Theater when the performance had already begun. A month before, the condemned man had stalked her in Vitoria and San Sebastián, cities to which she went along with the rest of the cast of the aforementioned work.

The good news for Ana Morgade came last April when the Audiencia de Navarra sentenced him to six months in prison and a fine of 3,600 euros for threats through social networks and persistent harassment.

His daughter Martina, his favorite person

Ana Morgade does not exhibit her family but she does speak naturally about her life. For this reason, in September 2020, she wanted to share with her Instagram followers her happiness for her first pregnancy and, in March 2021, announced the birth of his daughter Martina.

Ana Morgade, who became mother for the first time with 41 years, shared the news with humor and did not hesitate to compare her postpartum face with that of Pilar Rubio. Same.

Her partner, the musician Pablo Martin Jones, accompanies her on this adventure and, despite the discretion that characterizes her, she did not hesitate to share Martina’s first photo on Instagram with a statement to Ana Morgade: “Yesterday they made me a father for the whole lifetime. Thank you my love”.

Her feminist struggle in humor

Ana Morgade has been in humor for more than 15 years and all this time he has been tired of hearing that women do not know how to make humor.

They have told him “too many times”, he denounced in The world. “It’s about time to start understanding that this is as much a lie as the girl on the curve. At least in my family, we are much funnier than men. The women in my house are hilarious. Humor has to do with ridicule and intelligence, which are not two characteristics that have to be associated with a gender”, said the comedian who fights for equal pay for women and men in this profession

“There are many, what happens is that they are comedians lower paid and less visible. There have always been funny women, but before they didn’t charge for it and, since you have to eat, they dedicated themselves to something else”, he recalled in 2021 in the night d

The day Ana Morgade walked the red carpet

Without mincing words, Ana Morgade claims the recognition of women in the profession and calls for an end to aesthetic standards and slavery imposed on women.

She did it at the last Seminci in Valladolid, to which she attended as a presenter and walked the red carpet with a suit bag.

“For days I suffered thinking what to wear to the Seminci carpet, because the same thing always happens to me: in the showroom I can hardly ever wear what I like, I have to wear what fits me. I don’t have a standard size body, of course I’m not a model, and it’s not easy for me to find a dress that doesn’t make me feel terribly under-made,” she wrote on Instagram to explain her choice.

“For many years I have gone out to pose with clothes that did not fit me very well, terrified, thinking that it is my body that is wrong. But no, it was my attitude that was wrong. My body is perfect for what I am and what I do: comedy. I cannot change what is considered an acceptable body or not, much less change my self-esteem from one day to the next, and my more or less ruthless relationship with my body (which has just done the feat of manufacturing a little person, so I think that he deserves a little pampering)”.

The suit bag was left to her by her mother, although she did not know what Ana was preparing. She discovered it when she saw the photos of the Seminci. She finally felt comfortable on a red carpet

Ana Morgade and Ana Milan, at the Valladolid Seminci
Ana Morgade and Ana Milan, at the Valladolid Seminci // Instagram

“Thinking around at dawn, ruminating on what to wear this time, I thought: if the bag looks better on me than the suit… And voilà. Here I am, ladies. Proud and happy, with a suit that doesn’t squeeze me, doesn’t pull me, doesn’t scare me, and represents what I am, better or worse: a comedian. And you know what? It’s the first time I don’t feel like putting filters on the photo.”

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