Amal Clooney Opens Up About What Her Marriage To George Clooney Has Really Been Like

11 ocean Actor George Clooney and his wife, Amal, have been happily married for more than seven years, at least apparently happily married as long as they don’t watch Clooney’s famous TV series. emergencies together. While these two don’t talk about her private life very often, we recently received a ruling from her own lawyer about her marriage. Yes, Amal Clooney talked about what her marriage to George Clooney has really been like.

In case you’re curious, marriage has been wonderful for Amal Clooney thanks to an “inspiring” and “supportive” partner. Speaking with Amal Clooney, she learned a bit about what home life is like for couples:

The marriage has been wonderful. I have a partner in my husband who is incredibly inspiring and supportive, and we have a home full of love and laughter.

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