WWE: Ric Flair thinks who are the two best stars in the business

In an interview for the show “To Be The Man”the WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, pointed out who are, in his opinion, the two best stars in the professional wrestling business. Also, he commented on what aspect should be used again in these times.

“The Nature Boy”, among all the superstars in the scene, is very clear about who is above the rest when it comes to business: Randy Orton and his daughter Charlotte Flairand even stated that if they had no injuries, they would be the best of the moment until they decide to retire.

“Randy just celebrated his 20th anniversary. I was there the day he started and he was always a prodigy. Except for the occasional injury in his career, Randy will be the best fighter in the business for a long time.. It also runs the same for Charlotte. Until those two decide to go home, they’ll be the best in the business.”

And about his daughter, he added some more praise: “With the way it has, the condition, and theathletic ability at a higher level than I have ever seen, she will do this until she wants to retire. She improves every day. That is unheard of.”

Flair also weighed in on today’s wrestling schools and what elements of the former development territories I wish they would continue to be part of current wrestling:

“I think that with the territories younger people could be offered more opportunities to work, and that is working with different people. When you train in Orlando, at the WWE Performance Center, you fight the same guys every day and it’s hard to learn. You can learn the technique, the fundamentals, how to take hits, but Until you’re wrestling in front of a live audience with someone different four or five times a week, you don’t see progress anytime soon.. Today, boys take longer. They can appear and look the best in the world. Knowing all the moves and all that, but if you don’t know when to do them at the right time, and you don’t know how to sell them, it’s going to be very hard. Psychology can’t be learned in a gym practicing with 70 guys on the floor looking at you“said the 16-time world champion.

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