Will Smith needed Jada Pinkett to be present for his kiss scenes in ‘Seven Souls’

Abefore the cameras, Will Smith He appears to be a self-confident man. Therefore, he is surprised that the actor needed the presence of his wife, Jada Pinketton the filming set of the movie ‘Seven Souls’. Apparently, the interpreter was embarrassed about kissing another person and asked his wife to attend those scenes to support him.

The marriage between Jada Pinkett and Will Smith is not going through its best moment. According to the American media, the slap and subsequent reactions did not bring the couple closerbut has driven them away. However, since their marriage more than 20 years ago, the two have supported each other both in public and in private.

In 2008Will Smith was shooting the movie ‘Seven Souls’ together with Rosario Dawson. In the film, the characters of both interpreters fell in love and one of the scenes included a romantic kiss. Smith didn’t feel right about kissing a woman other than his wife, and although it is well known today that they are in an open relationship, back then he did. didn’t have the confidence to do it.

In order to do his job, Will Smith asked Jada Pinkett to be on set and support him. “He wanted Jada to be on set and she encouraged him with the scene, and also supported me”Dawson told the Vulture. An extreme that Smith himself confirmed to Collider during that year, who attributed it to how he had been educated in his childhood: “On the subject of love… My grandmother was very firm about it, and also my mother, about how a man should treat women.

Will Smith and his spiritual journey to India

While his marriage hangs in the balance, the actor has moved away from the spotlight after what happened at the oscars and has traveled to India to practice yoga and meditation together with a famous guru. Jada Pinkett, on her show ‘Red Table Talk’, admitted that they are taking some time and that they will share her thoughts later: “Some discoveries of our recovery will be shared at the table When the moment comes”.

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