Will Smith makes Chris Rock a millionaire after beating him at the Oscars.

It’s been a few weeks since that Oscar ceremony where Will Smith hit chris rock in the middle of the show for a more than unnecessary comment by the comedian. However, the reality is that the comedian has benefited greatly from this fact and he is becoming a millionaire.

Since that night the lives of both have changed completely. Although the actor won the Oscar for Best Actor a few minutes later and in his speech he said he was an envoy for peace and love, shortly after he was banned for 10 years by the Academy for his behavior that night while the comedian, who did something totally extra, has been enjoying certain honeys of this situation in which he is benefiting.

This projected the body of Will Smith and Chris Rock in the controversial slap!

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Why is Chris Rock becoming a millionaire?

The reality is that the also actor has come out very well from this fact and it is said that whoever wants to know what specifically happened that night in Hollywood, has to pay him 3 million dollars to have the details of Chris Rock himself.

And the reality is that there are many parties that are willing to pay and it is said that Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, compete to have that scoop, with what is clear to us that money will not be a problem. It is worth noting that both lead programs that are widely watched in the United States and that anyone who has Chris Rock’s word will have a very high level of audience and impact.

while these are happening, Will Smith is in India on a spiritual retreat to find his inner peace while the comedian walks around various events in Los Angeles waiting to give his point of view on what happened that night.

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