Will John Krasinski be the director of the film?

Jon Watts has left the Fantastic Four project as director, many fans would like to play Reed Richards as the new director of the film.

The fantastic Four: One of the most anticipated MCU films recently lost its designated director. Let’s talk about the signature behind the huge success of the trilogy of Spider-Man: Homecomingcomposed of the film of the same name and by Spider-Man: Far From Home And Spider-Man: No Way Home. Jon Watts should have introduced The fantastic Four in the new MCU, after the experiments discussed in 2015 and the early 2000s. However, full of cinecomics, Watts decided to take a break and return, in the future, for a hypothetical project dedicated to Spider-Man. Spider-Man 4with Tom Holland and Zendaya still playing Peter Parker and MJ, will definitely have Watts as director.

From the moment Jon Watts decided to abandon the project, fans have begun to venture theories about the new possible director of a long-awaited team of heroes in the Marvel Universe. The fantastic Four saw their first appearance in the figure of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, one of the most striking cameos of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Sam Raimi. Many options have looked into the future of the MCU and into the very imaginative minds of the fans, from the director Peyton Reed (big fan of Fantastic 4 by his own admission and former director of Ant-man And Ant-Man and The Wasp) to the interpreter of Reed Richards himself.

The actor John Krasinski could be in the running as a possible director and Fantastic Four? The option appears increasingly possible, with its participation in Doctor Strange 2 such as founding member and leader of superhero group. Krasinski’s talent behind the lens was demonstrated by the tremendous success of the two horror films At Quiet Place, ready for a third chapter and also for a prequel. Krasinski’s talent is therefore undoubted: his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was received with great happiness and enthusiasm by the fans, making possible even one of the most desired fan castings ever. We talk about Krasinski’s wife, or Emily Blunt, in the role of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. Dreams of fans, as well as in Doctor Strangecould therefore become reality: the odds are in their favor.

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