Why is Britney Spears posting nude photos? An expert in body language weighs in (EXCLUSIVE)


Following the end of Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship in November 2021, the singer has been baring it all (both literally and figuratively). The 40-year-old has been regularly sharing updates on her life with her 41 million Instagram followers, including the revelation that she is currently pregnant with her third child.

No longer censored by conservatorship, Britney is free to express herself in any way she chooses.

In May 2022, the pop princess made headlines after sharing a series of semi-nude photos of herself on Instagram. Although she covers her private parts with her hands and a heart emoji in photos of her, Britney had no qualms about showing old snapshots of her pre-pregnancy body. Although some social media users celebrate Britney’s photos, other fans are concerned and question her behavior.

Distractify spoke exclusively with Dr. Lillian Glass, an internationally renowned body language expert, who weighed in on what Britney’s nude photos can symbolize.

Source: Getty Images Britney Spears nudes can be easily explained, according to this body language expert.

Although you may have been surprised by the semi-nude images of Britney, Dr. Glass explained that the singer’s posts “are not a cry for help, but quite the opposite.”

“It’s a shout out to the world to let you know that you are completely free to do as you please, which also includes posing nude if you want,” the body language expert told us.

Dr. Glass explained to Distractify that the star “is revealing everything publicly as now there is no one to tell him what to do and what not to do, now that he is free of his guardianship. It’s like teenagers who once had a lot of restrictions, and then they turn 18 and don’t know what to do with all their newfound freedom.”

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Although Britney claims the semi-nude photos were taken before she got pregnant, Glass noted that the star’s body language and comments mean “she’s also very proud of her pregnancy, as it’s a big deal to her, especially since her Conservatives didn’t want her to get pregnant and denied her IUD removal for so many years.” She added, “So part of her nudity is showing her belly that contains another life that she was denied having.”

What does Britney’s body language in the photos tell us about her state of mind?

According to Dr. Glass, “Britney’s body language in the photos shows no shame and, in fact, she is proud of her body.”

Additionally, Dr. Glass told us that because Britney chose to cover her private parts with a heart emoji and place her hands on her breasts, the “photos show that she still has some discernment and a degree of modesty as to what she does.” will do and win.” she will not be shown publicly ».

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Britney’s poses in Instagram photos also provide a wealth of insight into her headspace.

“In the photos her head is held high and her shoulders are back and square, indicating that she is proud of herself and confident in herself,” the expert revealed. “There is no doubt that we can expect to see more nude photos of Britney as she progresses through the various stages of her pregnancy.”

After breaking free from the restrictions placed on her for over a decade, Britney is ready to express herself in any way she sees fit.


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