Who are the celebrities who invest in venture capital in Latin America

If for American startups the distance between Silicon Valley and Hollywood had already shortened, with venture capitalists such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith and Snoop Dogg, there are startups and celebrities in Latin America that are also beginning to make this type of approach .

See where celebrities are allocating their resources in Latin America:

The seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton invested, together with the tennis champion Roger Federerin the round that turned the Chilean foodtech NotCo into a unicorn in July 2021. Hamilton is an enthusiast of plant-based initiatives and participated in the $235 million round led by Tiger Global.

The goalkeeper of the Mexican team Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa and the Mexican F1 driver Sergio Perez have shares in Kavaka Mexican used car buying and selling startup valued at US$8.7 billion.

the electronic duo The Chainsmokersof success Don’t Let Me Downparticipated earlier this year in the US$4.3 million Seed round of the Brazilian fintech Trace Finance, which handles international fund transfers to Latin American companies. They have also already invested in Z1a digital bank focused on Gen Z.

In 2019, the Brazilian actress Deborah Secco invested in Singua manicure startup.

the star of modern-familyColombian actress Sofia Vergaraand the Mexican singer Thalia invested last month in influence, a Miami-based platform that connects celebrities and content creators with brands. Also in April, the Colombian singer Maluma announced that it had invested in clovera music streaming platform, and would act as a consultant to help expand Trebel’s service in Latin America.

Maluma has also invested in Colombian proptech the house Y rappi.

In April, the former basketball player Emanuel Ginobili and actor and environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio invested in water planan Argentine startup that uses data to monitor water quality.

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