What makes the new The Batman so different

Batman is one of the most charismatic and original superheroes, whose story has been reinterpreted multiple times in comics, series…

Batman is one of the most charismatic and original superheroes, whose story has been reinterpreted multiple times in comics, television series (animated or not) and movies. Since 20th Century Fox released the first Batman movie in 1966, films about the Batman have not stopped appearing. On streaming platforms you can see all versions in order. Many directors have made their own interpretation of this character, creating their own universe based on the famous story about the double identity of Bruno Díaz: millionaire by day, night watchman in Gotham City.

If there is one thing that all the Batman characters agree on throughout the story, it is their darkness. Bruno Díaz’s life is marked by the tragic death of his parents, he is not a superhero who comes from another planet or who possesses supernatural powers (as happens with Superman, for example) but rather he is a man motivated by revenge and a truncated childhood, inhabitant of a city where terror and crime prevail. With the goal of eradicating evil, Batman decides to train, learn and confront his own fears to create a mysterious and indestructible being who takes justice into his own hands. In fact, he chooses the bat as a representation of the night and a symbol of the animal that terrified him the most as a child.

The fight against evil is a topic in superhero comics, but in this case we find a complex and nuanced character, since evil is not only outside but is also a facet of the hero himself. Not surprisingly, Batman’s inner world has become more complex in each of the films, moving away from the stereotype of a superhero movie without depth. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the Christopher Nolan trilogy, which recreates the origin of the superhero and presents a tormented character, as well as including hidden details for the most fans. The new movie batman (Matt Reeves, 2022) has echoes of Nolan’s Batman in this sense, although with a more detective air.

Another of the common aspects in all the versions of the Batman is that the supervillains end up being characters as important as Batman himself. Such an intelligent and technologically advanced superhero cannot take on weak beings, nor is it easy for him to take them down. His enemies are as complex as he is and they don’t have superpowers either, but his actions are the result of his traumas, technological knowledge and obsessions.

Some of the villains that still live in the memory of viewers are The Joker played by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s 1989 film, showing off his peculiar sense of humor. Also under Burton’s direction a few years later appeared the Penguin (played by Danny DeVito) and Catwoman, played by actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Another of the villains that we will always remember will be Heath Ledger giving life to The Joker and facing Christian Bale in Nolan’s film. If you want to know more about Batman’s villains and his dual identity, you can check out this infographic from ExpressVPN.

In batman, the villain Enigma presents a way of acting closer to the thriller and psychological horror, reminiscent of the film Seven (David Fincher, 1995). This approach makes the character of Bruno Díaz more insightful by bringing out his investigative skills; however, action lovers will not be disappointed as the dizzying pace of the film does not leave a moment of rest and catches until the end. Violence is still present in Gotham City, only his portrayal is more realistic and Batman is first and foremost a vigilante.

In conclusion, the new batman It is a film that honors and collects all the elements of the previous films but also brings novelties that the ardent followers of this hero will enjoy.

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