what are they and how to make them

Which are the basic tools What should you make when you start a game in Minecraft? This is usually the question asked by those who start playing. Then I tell you what these tools are and how you can make them.

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The basics to survive in Minecraft

Minecraft is no different from any survival video game: the first thing you should do is hit the first tree you see to get wood. The first thing you need to craft is a Crafting Table. This item allows you to craft anything. You need x4 blocks of any type of wood.

Minecraft Work Table

Place the table where you want and open its menu. The 9 holes that are shown are the ones in which you will have to make the forms of the basic objects that I present below. Remember that you can use different materials, just like I told you in the team guide to fight in Minecraft, which will affect the durability of each tool.

  • Beak: x3 wooden blocks and x2 sticks. Its effective use is for mining all ores and some other types of blocks.
  • Axe: x3 wooden blocks and x2 sticks. Its effective use is wood, planks, chests or bookcases…
  • Shovel: x1 wooden block and x2 sticks. Its effective use is dirt, sand, gravel, clay and snow.
Pickaxe Ax Shovel Minecraft

Once you have made the basic tools to obtain materials, you must manage these materials Y secure a place to rest. To do this you must make chests and a bed. It is enough to have wood and wool.

  • chests: x8 wooden blocks. It has a capacity of 27 holes and you can put them together to join them and double their capacity.
  • Bed: x3 blocks of Wood and x3 blocks of wool. Wool is obtained by killing sheep.
minecraft boxes

The bow and the sword, which I already told you how to make in the guide of objects to fight, and lastly the cane of fishing will help you get food until you can start planting and creating your gardens. You can feed on apples until you can make these tools. To make the cane you need x3 wooden sticks and x2 threads.

minecraft cane

Lastly, the Kiln is another of the essential tools to make these same better quality tools. In his dedicated guide I tell you how to make and use it.

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