Watch Garnacho, Man Utd’s boy prodigy, emulate Cristiano Ronaldo with “Siu” celebrations after winning the Youth Cup final

ALEJANDRO GARNACHO celebrated exactly like the star he intends to be.

Twice there was the celebration of ‘Siu’, the jump of joy from goals that is the trademark of a Cristiano Ronaldo.

The young man copied the celebration of the


The 17-year-old prodigy delivered the first interpretation in the same style that scored the penalty in the 77th minute that helped Manchester United win 3-1 in the FA Youth Cup final over Nottingham Forest.

Winning the penalty, Garnacho appeared to have been knocked down on the edge of the Forest area by Zach Abbott being shown yellow.

Yet referee Josh Smith pointed to the spot and the United prodigy didn’t waver before producing that dazzling Ryan Giggs-style finale that capped it all off for the class of 2022.

Then there was the dazzling run and strike that secured victory four minutes into the added time.

And in scoring this time around he looked around the world as a certain Giggs and United fans still thrill at the memory of the hat that has become of him and so many of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Class 92.

As things will turn out for Garnacho in the years to come, he may want to come up with a celebration of his own.

The foul on Garnacho, awarded from a penalty, seemed out of the box


Because when Erik ten Hag settles down to watch the recording of the Little Devils’ triumph, he will surely be certain that if Garnacho is good enough for Argentina, then he is good enough for him.

The Dutchman missed the clash with Nottingham Forest.


The awaiting Old Trafford manager was still in the Netherlands, leading his Ajax side to the third Eredivisie title with a 5-0 win over Heerenven.

Still, when he changes jobs early next month, he’ll surely be convinced that Garnacho has it within him to live up to the hype that already surrounds him.

For the young Spaniard, he simply has star quality.

Ask any of the 67,482 spectators who got a £ 1 each to form an attendance record for a Youth Cup final.

Because he started wowing them with a brilliant right-hand curler four minutes from half-time that flew a foot or two wide.

Just before there was an equally impressive turn and a shot that just grazed past the left hand of upright goalkeeper Aaron Bott.

Man Utd have won the FA Youth Cup for the eleventh time in their history


This came moments after he howled in agony after a tough challenge from right-back Joshua Powell.

The child may want to get used to that type of treatment.

For Ten Hag, who will arrive looking to build a new team from the debris left by Ralf Rangnick and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he is likely to see this as an important part of his long-term plan from the start.

He has already played eight minutes in the first team against Chelsea this season, while Argentina have also called him up.

He trained with the great Lionel Messi and it’s not just around Old Trafford but in Buenos Aires that they’ve started to think a new superstar is in the making.

Certainly when it came time for him to stand up and be counted in front of a record: shocking appearances for a Youth Cup final, he tasted the moment.

The teams were tied thanks to Rhys Bennett’s opening opening for United before Josh Brown equalized just before half-time.

But Garnacho’s brace in the second half made the nearly 70,000 spectators happy.

Garnacho was cheered by around 70,000 fans inside Old Trafford


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