Vlahovic like Cristiano Ronaldo, the exultation does not escape the fans: what he did

Dusan Vlahovic scored the leading goal in the Italian Cup final against Inter, but his exultation did not go unnoticed.

It was a crazy season for Dusan Vlahovic. In fact, the Croatian center forward has arrived at the Juventus in January with no little noise. In fact, his transfer has sparked the controversy of his former fans, but that is only the beginning. Arrived (at that time) from top scorer, was the protagonist of a rocket start. After the flurry of goals in his first matches as a Juventus player, he then entered a more opaque phase. In Italian Cup final against Inter however he became the protagonist by signing the 2 to 1 network for the bianconeri. After the goal, however, his exultation it was quite emblematic.

Dusan Vlahovic among the protagonists of the Italian Cup final. (LaPresse)

Dusan Vlahovic he has every air of being predestined. Many had hypothesized it, but later the final of the Italian Cup few doubts remain about it. After the impressive numbers at the Fiorentina seemed to have started with the same pace even in the first games with the Juventus.

The beginning of the Juventus history was definitely encouraging, stamping on every debut, both in the league and in Champions League. After an exciting start, however, the Croatian’s performance suffered a decline in terms of achievement. In reality, if it had been an “any” player, the numbers could still have been considered very respectable. However, when it brings with it the status of “predestined” the discourse changes and expectations weigh. The scoring goals arrived in the most important appointment, the final of the Italian Cup against Inter and the exultation it was not accidental.

Vlahovic, the evocative exultation exalts the fans

vlahovic soccerotoday 20220511 LAPresse
Vlahovic and his exultation reminiscent of Cristiano Ronaldo. (LaPresse)

Dusan Vlahovic he could not have chosen a better time to sweep away the rumors of crisis that had accompanied his latest appearances. The Croatian center forward after one phenomenal departure he had stopped finding the way to the goal for a few games, lending his side to some criticism.

His goals in the final of Italian Cupthat of the provisional 2-1 for i bianconeri, however, it gave a clear message. Some weeks ago Pavel Nedved he had declared that he saw several qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo and the center forward responded in his own way. After his network atInter has in fact chosen to exult just like CR7adopting the pose known as “Yo estoi aquì“, With which the Portuguese champion he showed up just when he was introduced by the Juventus.

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