Tried Poosh’s Kourtney Kardashian “Multi-Tasking Tips”: Don’t Get Me Started With The “Tip” To Wash Your Hands

MOM, fashion icon, sister and lifestyle expert? At least that’s how Kourtney Kardashian defines herself on her Poosh’s website, which is full of tips and tricks in everything from healthy eating to interior design.

And when I came across his article on “multi-tasking tips”, I knew I had to try: be a lifestyle journalist myself.

I got to try some of Kourtney Kardashian's multitasking tips, including makeup at a meeting


Kourtney’s first ace up your sleeve when you’re stuck in a meeting and have somewhere to stay next hour is wearing your makeup while on Zoom.


On that particular day, I had to rush to a doctor’s appointment after my introductory meeting and got up a little too late to prepare in advance.

So, I did what Kourtney suggested and put on my makeup while on Zoom with my colleagues.

That wasn’t a great idea. Although their cameras were off, I could hear my colleagues judging me and I was even called by my editor.

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Even though I managed to shave 10 minutes from my morning routine, I definitely got into trouble.

It wasn’t worth it from me. Now, if you were on a beauty team, maybe …


The second tip from the mom of four was to clean my bathroom sink while washing my hands.

Now, I understand where it is going and it looks efficient at the moment.

But it wasn’t quite clear if I had to clean the sink with my hands and hand soap or if I had to clean first and wash my hands after.

Then, I washed my hands and, when finished, I sprayed a cleaning spray and a brush to scrub the sink.

What should have taken 30 seconds ended up taking five minutes and soon after I was forced to wash my hands again.

And let’s not even talk about the uncomfortable feeling I experienced because I felt like now I needed to clean the entire bathroom as well.

Again, I understand where this tip was going, but it’s not something I’m willing to do while working from home or first thing in the morning.

In another case, sure, this might work.


In this advice, all you need to do is make sure that every time you enter a room or leave a room, you carry something with you that needs to be stowed away.

Because according to Kourtney, there’s always something you can put aside.

And I agree, in fact, I always have.

When I wake up in the morning, I usually take the glass of water that I spent the night on the bedside table to the kitchen, as she is going to the bathroom.

I also do the same when I put things away after a run at Target: I always grab all the things that go into my bedroom, including the sunglasses I’ve used and the clothes that need to be stored, and take a trip.

Simply put, this works.


According to Kourtney, keeping up with your friends or family while cleaning your home could make time go by faster.

And I couldn’t agree more.

I can spend hours on the phone or FaceTime with my best friend while cleaning my bathroom or cleaning the stove, and that really makes it more enjoyable.

But don’t get me wrong, I also love playing music and going straight to work.

This hack is definitely a 10 out of 10.


This one is special: Kourtney suggests that “the two minutes it takes to clean those pearly whites can also be spent giving your booty a little bit of a loving push.”

And while it was definitely a workout, I don’t think this is for me.

I live in a small apartment in New York City – there isn’t much room for that, and honestly, I wasn’t brushing much as I focused on the correct shape.

Maybe someone who has a bigger bathroom might be able to do it a little better than me.


I get it: multitasking is a great skill to have, especially at work.

However, there are only a few things you should never do at the same time: like putting on your makeup during a Zoom meeting or squatting down while brushing your teeth.

Trying to do them all correctly and at the same time takes a lot more effort than doing them separately.

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Also, you should definitely wear makeup or even clean up while hanging out with a friend, but never on a business call. Only a Kardashian could do that as I’m usually the boss.

But there are definitely some I’ll do again – or keep doing – like cleaning up and being on the phone and taking every opportunity to get something back to its rightful place.

Kourtney advised wearing makeup during meetings


Kourtney also suggested cleaning the sink while we wash our hands


I have always reached calls during housekeeping


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