Trailer for Claw, produced by Adam Sandler and LeBron James

hustler claw

With the participation of basketball player Juancho Hernangómez

We could already see a teaser and now Netflix reveals the new release date, the official trailer and poster of ‘Garra (Hustle)’, directed by Jeremiah Zagarwritten by Taylor Materne Y Will Fetters and produced by Adam Sandler Y Lebron Jamesthe film opens on 8 of June on Netflix.

‘Claw’ stars Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, Kenny Smith, Ainhoa ​​Pillet, Raul Castillo, Jordan Elizabeth Hull, Maria Botto, Heidi Gardner, Robert Duvall and the Spanish basketball player Juancho Hernangomezin his first leading role.

Although the sport is at the center of the story, the film is much bigger than basketball. It is an emotional and triumphant journey of two underdogs who put everything on the line to pursue their dreams.

Official synopsis:

hustler clawAfter discovering a unique player abroad with a bizarre past (Juancho Hernangómez), a run-down basketball scout (Adam Sandler) is in charge of bringing the phenomenon to the United States without the approval of his team. Against all odds, he has one last chance to prove that he has what it takes to succeed in the NBA.

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