Tokyo Public Baths Inspire Filmmaker Wim Wenders

TOKYO. German director Wim Wenders, whose eclectic filmography includes such films as “The Sky Over Berlin” and the documentary “Buena Vista Social Club,” found the inspiration for his next film project in Tokyo’s public toilets.

The renowned 76-year-old filmmaker is preparing a film about the Tokyo urban renewal project. The Japanese city commissioned renowned architects to transform 17 public toilets into works of art.

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This reform includes a toilet with colored and transparent cubicles that turn opaque when the door is closed and another proposal is decorated with wooden panels and is signed by the architect of the Kengo Kuma Olympic Stadium. All of these district services Shibuya in Tokyo are free, wheelchair accessible and stand out for always being impeccable.

“There is something very Japanese about this idea, about this whole installation. I think it’s an almost utopian idea”, Wenders said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Bathrooms are a place where everyone is equal. There are no rich or poor, there is no young or old, everyone is part of humanity”, he stated.

The director said that he was contacted by the organizers of “The Tokyo Toilet”which inspired him to make a film based on four short stories with the well-known Japanese actor Koji Yakushō playing a cleaner.

“I was so happy when I saw these bathrooms, when I saw how he worked with light,” said the director. “I thought: ‘this place is beautiful’” .

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