This year we will not see Will Smith in theaters and the thing smells of strategy

If something was clear after the Oscars, it is that the controversial slap of Will Smith Chris Rock was going to be very expensive for the actor of Williams method. Not even his status as a prestigious and untouchable Hollywood star has saved him from public opinion unanimously positioning himself against him, from being vetoed by the Academy or from studios such as Sony or Netflix having set aside important projects that they were preparing together.

Now, it is Apple that has had to make a move with emancipation, one of the next great productions that had Smith as the protagonist. According to the first reports, it was a potential title to destroy in the next Oscarhowever, this intention of the platform to rewrite his name at the Hollywood Academy Awards after his victory with CODA looks like it will have to wait.

Will Smith at the National Board of Review Awards in March 2022 (Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Will Smith at the National Board of Review Awards in March 2022 (Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

As reported by Variety, emancipationslated for release on the fall festival circuit in late 2022, would be delayed until sometime in 2023. The film, based on true events and set in the American Civil War, will be a dramatic action thriller about a slave who runs away from a Louisiana plantation with the intention of joining the Union army. According to media sources, there would still be ongoing discussions between Apple and those responsible for the film about a potential release this year, but it would be a very unlikely option. And it is that everything paints a strategy to flee as much as possible from the controversy.

emancipationn was going to be the first Will Smith film to be released after the media slap in the face of Chris Rock. This, without a doubt, put Apple in a bind when it came to opting for awards or promoting the title, since it would be difficult to remove the actor’s controversy from interviews or promotional events. In addition, we are talking about a title that, before the gala where the aforementioned smack occurred, was mentioned as one of the firm candidates to win the golden statuette in the next edition of the Academy Awards. A filmmaker who asked to remain anonymous even pointed out that several academics predicted a consecutive victory for Will Smith, a possibility now unimaginable.

Also there are sources that indicate that the delay was due to the fact that the director Antoine Fuqua would still be immersed in the post-production process and it would not give him time to have the film ready for the last bars of 2022, although it does not seem the most likely option. But it is true that it is a project that has encountered several unforeseen events that have considerably delayed production.

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First of all, he had to move his shoot from Georgia to Louisiana in protest of a controversial electoral law that affected minority voting, but also to face the destruction caused by Hurricane Ida and a work pause in August 2021 due to the diagnosis of several cases of COVID-19 in the team. However, although the film was not yet finished, between now and the end of the year there is still plenty of time to finish polishing it, which undoubtedly It leads us to value that its delay is nothing more than an Apple strategy to protect one of its great projects and wait for the controversy to be forgotten..

In this way, it seems that We will be a long time without seeing Will Smith on the big screen. After the cancellation of the sequel to Bright by Netflix or Sony’s decision to pause the fourth installment of Two Rebel PolicemenSmith’s only project in sight is the talk show My next guest needs no introduction, a series of interviews conducted by David Letterman for Netflix that arrives on May 20 on the platform after being recorded before the Oscars. But as for the production of fiction and the ambitious projects that Smith is used to offering us, it seems that everyone in Hollywood wants to wait for the waters to calm down before making a strong bet on him again.

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