This is how the new reactions that are already available in Mexico look like

WhatsApp reactions are now available in Mexico. A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that his deployment had begun throughout the world, but in our country we have had to wait a few more days to start seeing them activated.

The new reactions are now available in Mexico on the WhatsApp mobile apps for iOS and Android, in addition to the web and desktop versions. To use the new WhatsApp reactions it is only necessary to have the most recent version of the apps:

Why can’t I use WhatsApp reactions?

It is important to mention that maybe some people still can’t use WhatsApp reactions. For example, in the Xataka Mexico team some can see them when someone puts them in a message, but they still can’t put them, or they see them and can use them in the mobile app, but not on the web, or vice versa.

Whatsapp Reactions Available Mexico This is how they look

This is due to the fact that the deployment of WhatsApp reactions is by servers, that is to say that the function is activated by gradual waves throughout the world. That is why some people can already use them, while others cannot, or perhaps not completely. It is a matter of time before WhatsApp reactions are fully activated for all users.

How to use WhatsApp reactions

To use WhatsApp reactions is very simple:

  • In mobile apps, we press on a message and the six options will appear, we select one, and that’s it
  • On web and desktop, we position the cursor on a message and a small icon will appear, we press and the reactions will appear to put the message
  • To see who has reacted to messages, for example in groups, both in apps and on the desktop, select the small reactions icon and the list will appear. From there we can remove remove our reactions to messages

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