They discover a strategy in Minecraft to cut down large trees faster than ever


If you want to cut very fast this is not a bad option.

Minecraft managed to revolutionize the video game industry several years ago, thus becoming one of the best sandboxes we’ve been able to receive, but without a doubt one of the most revolutionary titles for its genre. This freedom that it gives the player has allowed us for years to enjoy incredible creations and inventions from the community, which seems to have no rest in its work to make Minecraft the definitive game. This has resulted in great creationslike when a user made an aquarium in Minecraft, but also in clever ways of doing things.

Now we come to talk about another case in which a user has searched a way to make a daily task faster and to a certain extent fun within this title.

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Who wants to fell conventionally?

If you have ever played Minecraft, you will know that one of the first things you always have to do is cut down a tree to get wood. There are many materials in this title, but, without a doubt, wood is the most important, and for that reason for a long time. ways have been sought to speed up the task of achieving it.

For the most part we have received mods that allowed us to cut down faster, such as the one that allowed us to have to cut down a single block for the rest of the tree to be cut down. Despite this, users have been asking Mojang for a long time for a similar way to get woodbut the company seems to turn a deaf ear, which is why some users are using the most ingenious ideas for this purpose.

Specifically, this idea has been shared to the world by the Reddit user known as “bloopy” who He decided to upload a video to his account on this social network in which he could be seen using his curious felling method.. You can see it below, but basically he uses an enchanted diamond ax (we guess efficiently) and he also uses three tree sprouts, puts them together, gives them bone dust, but before that he throws an ender pearl up, so as the tree grows he is teleported to its top, allowing him to chop down the tree from top to bottom.

Definitely this is not the most efficient way to cut down a treeprecisely because the ender pearls are not especially fast to get and they are spent with a single use, but it is really fast so if you have the necessary resources in abundance, and you need to cut fast, it is not a bad thing at all option.

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