The two conditions of Eva Mendes to act again

It is not as extreme a case as Cameron Diazwho left acting in 2014, but the one from Eve Mendes maintains certain parallels with that of the interpreter of ‘Something happens with Mery. And it is that the American actress of Cuban descent he parked his career almost at the same time and at the moment it does not seem that he is in a hurry to take it up again, although he is beginning to consider it.

Mendes (48) hasn’t starred in a feature film since a small supporting role in Lost Riverfilm directed by her husband, Ryan Goslingwhom she married in 2011, a fact that was a paradigm shift for her and that made her reorganize her priorities.

Being a mother was the last thing on my mind. But Ryan Gosling passed. I mean, fall in love with him. So it made sense to me. No longer having children, but having his children. It was something very concrete, with him”, explained the actress in 2019 to Women’s Health, which in 2014 welcomed Esmeralda, and in 2016 Amada. “I felt a lack of ambition, to be honest. Now I feel more ambitious at home than at work”, he added about it.

His two conditions to return

However, it seems that the interpretation bug bites him again as he has revealed in The View, although he sets limits. “I have a very short list of what I want to do, and it has to be something fun. I will not do anything violent or sexualso the list of options is short”, says Mendes.

However, in an industry as competitive as Hollywood, the actress is not going to have it easy. The mecca of cinema tends to soon forget its most veteran actresses and the type of proposals that Mendes is willing to accept are scarce or are reserved for other actresses who have never gotten off the moving train. Which doesn’t mean we won’t see her again. Unlike. Mendes continues to have a pull and it is a matter of time before we see her on the big screen or in a project sponsored by streaming platforms. She just has to introduce herself to him.

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