The Puma shows muscle to be the new Wolverine in the cinema

  • Is El Puma offering himself to be the new Wolverine?
  • Beware of his viral image training in the gym… The hair already has it!
  • A bodybuilder gave Hugh Jackman some surprising advice while training for Wolverine
  • Who will be the new Wolverine?

    Obviously it’s a joke, but we must recognize that El Puma, with his hairstyle, gives an air of Hugh Jackman and his iconic Wolverine. And more so now that the Venezuelan singer, at 79, continues to push himself in the gym so as not to lose shape and give it his all during his concerts.

    Music star worldwide and responsible for hits like Peacock either Hold on hands, Jose Luis Rodríguez El Puma, in addition to his voice, has always attracted attention for his great hair. A look that now more than ever gives him an air of Wolverine, as we see in this photo.

    the Puma

    The Puma

    No jokes, this photo of El Puma is just an excuse to tell you what we know about who will replace Hugh Jackman in the movies to be the new Wolverine. Many names have been mentioned, and even Sandra Bullock has gotten wet asking him to be Daniel Radcliffe, remembered by all for the Harry Potter saga. But we don’t see it… Our favourite, without a doubt, would again be Jackman or an actor who, physically, had the same or more muscles than him. So that it does not happen as with Robert Pattinson in the new Batman that, despite the good reviews that the film has garnered, he did not seem the most suitable candidate to play the bat superhero.

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