“The Miracle of Father Stu”: more than recommended

I have been lucky enough to go with my wife to a private screening of the film The Miracle of Father Stu, invited by the Episcopal Commission for Social Communications of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. Directed by rosalind ross and starring Mark Wahlberg Y Mel Gibson, the film will premiere Dm this Friday May 13th. It tells a true story, that of the Catholic priest Stuart Longa boxer turned priest who, as is often the case, inspired countless people during his journey from self destruction to redemption.

From a strictly cinematographic point of view, I don’t have much to say because I don’t understand much, but, come on, I quite liked the film, as I usually like films by Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson, two great actors who, on numerous occasions, have declared catholicswhich leads me to say that you can be a great actor and also a Catholic, even if there aren’t many.

Something else can be known about the faith of the former, something like what he declared in an interview with the magazine Time: “I spend a large part of my day thanking God for all the blessings he has granted me” answers one of the questions from readers and states that “everything good that has happened in my life has been because of My faith”. As to Mel Gibsondirector of The passion, it has long been known that he does not exactly aspire to be the guardian of orthodoxy. Without going any further, his failed marriage and the current sentimental relationship that links him to the director of the film, Rosalind Ross, is just a sample of his way of living Catholicism, way at least controversialalthough not for that reason he stops ascribing to said religion.

In the movie There were times when I laughed, and times when I cried. The performances of the actors are cool. Perhaps the image that the viewer perceives regarding the way of living Catholicism of the characters, or the functioning of a seminary, is punctually difficult to identify for a practicing Spanish Catholic, but the truth is that the result is more than satisfactory overall.

We can count on the fingers of one ear movies with Catholic content in which they are not presented in an insulting way. Unfortunately in Spain there are still no large productions of these characteristics. From a spiritual point of view, as a son that I have been and as a father and grandfather that I am, the film exudes hopebecause the same God who has not left his Son in the grave -something we are celebrating every day in this wonderful Easter fiftieth- did not leave Stuart Long abandoned to his fate, but rather put his love into his heart, a love capable of sustaining you in the midst of adversity that in his life he found.

Definitely, the ways of the Lord are not our ways, at the level of people, at the level of societies… God continues to be lord of history. You can clearly see how God does not give anyone up for lost, and how the faith of children builds that of parents, something to which I also testify.

The movie is more than recommended for anyone, but especially for Catholics, who do not have the opportunity to support film projects of this type. Just add that at Easter it was among the top five box office hits in the United States, and that it still holds more than worthy positions today. Just add my thanks to the invitation: it was very worthwhile to reciprocate. Trust me: go see her.

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