The Mandalorian’s Bill Burr Supports Johnny Depp, Says Amber Heard Fans Should Apologize

In the midst of premieres like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88% and upcoming releases like the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, there is something that captures the attention of millions of people: Johnny Depp’s trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, and at the moment some famous people, like the musician Paul McCartney They have declared which side they are on. Now it was the turn of Bill Burr, comedian and actor, whom many will remember for his role as Migs Mayfeld in The Mandalorian – 91%.

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Johnny Depp (Minamata- 35%, Waiting for the Barbarians – 51%, Scissorhands – 91%) and Amber Heard (The Danish Girl – 69%, London Fields – 0%, The Stand- 80%) started dating after working at The Rum Diary (2011), and their dating relationship lasted until 2015, the year they got married. In 2016, her separation was scandalous and she released images of her face with bruises, allegedly caused by Depp, to the public. The problems for the actor would continue in 2018, because in October 2017 the #MeToo movement broke out.

In the first months of 2018, several Harry Potter fans protested the actor’s presence in Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald – 48%, but that didn’t sway Warner Bros. and they kept him on board with the franchise. The real problem arose in December 2018, when Heard published an article chronicling her experience as a victim of domestic violence, and a few months later, Depp sued her over that article, accusing her of defaming him and losing his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Bill Burrfor his part, spoke of the subject in Monday Morning Podcast, and showed his sympathy for Depp, in addition to declaring himself “too much of a fan” of the actor to watch the live broadcast of the trial. These were his words, according to mediate (via Indie Wire):

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I love that guy, I don’t want to hear all these personal details and shit. From what I’ve seen, the guy is winning. And the cool thing about this, is that if he really exposes this woman for lying, I wonder if all these people who, you know, accepted his lies about him, if they’re going to apologize in some way.

Currently there are no longer so many who support Heard on social networks and want to boycott her work, but the other way around. Since Depp released audios in 2019 where we heard Heard confess that he hit him, in addition to directing humiliating words towards his person, public opinion leaned the other way.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, it has become clear that Depp has the support of millions of fans around the world, as well as the support of stars such as Paul MCCARTNEY Y Bill Burr, among others. The problem is that if he loses the studies, they may continue to avoid hiring him for new roles. Can he survive his career in independent films like Minamata if things don’t work out?

As to Bill Burrwe do not know if his character has a future in Star Wars, but we are sure that the next seasons of The Mandalorian will continue to reap enormous success, as it is the most watched series on Disney Plus, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Besides, The Mandalorian It was the production that made fans love the franchise again, after Disney’s controversial trilogy of sequels, made up of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 92%, Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91% and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61%. In December of last year Star Wars premiered the first spin-off of The MandalorianThe Boba Fett book – 63%, and it was very successful. Could we see a spin-off dedicated to Migs Mayfeld in the future?

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