The heat has arrived! Britney Spears, Anitta and Hilary Duff take it all off | Big Bang

Summer has been anticipated almost a month and a half to shoot up the thermometers and bring us the heat in a cold and rainy 2022 so far. And almost as if they had had telepathy, three of the great female stars that are most current at the moment have decided to take it all off on social networks: Britney Spears, Anitta and Hilary Duff.

We’ll start with the Princess of pop before he decides to delete his images on Instagram because the frenzy of publication in just a few hours was enormous. She published up to five completely nude posts in just one hour, covering with her hands and with emojis what Instagram censorship does not allow to show (there are never enough hands for everything).

“I love you all so much” Britney published covering her breasts with her fingers and using a heart emoji in a strategic place in the crotch. Given the number of posts, the singer had to use different emojis and colors: “Photos from the last time I was in Mexico before there was a baby inside of me. Why the hell do I look 10 years younger on vacation?” .

Something more artistic and less intense was the photo session starring Anitta for the magazine fashion in its edition in Brazil. “I didn’t want to sing just to make money, I had a purpose and I wanted to see things change after me,” confessed Anitta, who takes off all her clothes to show off a fantastic tan that is only interrupted by her thong bikini bottoms.

In this interview the soloist speaks openly about bisexuality, machismo, racism, politics and some of the controversies that have dotted her career in recent years. All this if you can stop looking at the image of her incredible body.

And if you’ve taken the opportunity to discover the hidden tattoos of Britney Spears and the Brazilian Anitta, you’ll still have the opportunity to complete the trilogy with Hilary Duff’s complete nude. The actress who has been in the news in recent months for the suspension of the reboot of Lizzie Maguire She has posed free of any type of clothing to claim her naturalness.

Soaking and beating the heat with water and naked, the actress posed for the cover of Women’s Health: “I feel strong and beautiful and I laughed a lot doing these poses without my jeans and oversized mother’s sweater that I usually wear. Thanks to everyone who normalized this day for me.”

It’s hot, right?

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