The haircuts that most favor you according to your height

Give harmony to your height and features with these haircuts suitable for your height.

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It is true that very long hair on short girls makes you look even shorter and that certain haircuts pixie on very tall women they may not be the most flattering because they make you look even longer, did you know that? It is not a myth! This means that there is an ideal hair style for you according to what you measure and that is why today we tell you what they are. the haircuts that best suit you according to your height.

These will make you look more stylized if you are short, they will make the most of your look if your height is ‘average’ and they will give you harmony if you are very tall. JUST find what rank you are in from the list below and find out what haircut you must ask your stylist from YA!

If you measure less than 1.55 m

The lob is your best bet, since it’s not as short as a Bob that can make your head look very big, nor is it very long to make you look shorter. Wear it with tapered edges if your face is round or more ‘mushroom’ shaped if your face is square. The dont’s for short girls: very long, voluminous or Afro hair.

Wearing the hair to the middle of the neck is the best option for short women. The proof is Kristen Bell, Maisie Williams and Vanessa Hudgens.

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If you measure between 1.56 and 1.65 m

This is considered the ‘average’ height in countries like Mexico, so you can bet on several haircuts (somewhat daring) like the pixiethe garçonthe Bob and the mullet. The key is to choose the ideal version according to your style, like a punk mullet for the rebels and a Bob solid and polished for the most demure.

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