The film that lasts less than two hours, stars Denzel Washington and is all the rage on Netflix

beyond your problems in the stock marketIt is a fact that Netflix is, by far, the most chosen platform in the world when it comes to watching series, movies or documentaries. The streaming service that has almost 222 million subscribers globally, exploded even more during the pandemic and its content menu has options for all tastes.

And this time it reminds us of a brilliant American production that dates from 2013. In its theatrical release it was a success, and now Netflix put it back in the magnifying glass of its users.

The Netflix miniseries that has 7 chapters, just premiered and is already all the rage

Netflix: the Oscar-nominated film that lasts two hours and is a success on the platform

Is aboutArmed and dangerous“, an action, comedy and crime thriller that in less than two hours, captivates all the subscribers of the platform with its plot. Especially fans of the police genre.

“Armed and dangerous”, the movie that is all the rage on Netflix: synopsis

This cop tells the story of Bobby Beans and Michael Stigmantwo undercover officers, from different corporations, who are unaware of their status, but They are involved in the same case.

Pursuing different goals, they both decide to keep their alibi and work to steal a significant amount of money from a known drug dealerManny Greco, and in this way, to be able to incriminate him money laundering.

However, believing their partner to be a dangerous criminal, neither is able to trust the other and they both advance their mission with caution, plotting the moment when each will betray the other.

Despite this, after they obtain the mutiny, they discover that the amount is higher than estimated and that the money is actually belongs to the CIAin order to attract other drug cartel leaders.

Now, they will be forced to work together, entrusting their lives to each other if they want to end the dangerous operation.

“Two special agents, one from Naval Intelligence and the other from the DEA, team up to fight a drug cartel with an undercover operation that starts very badly”says the official synopsis available on Netflix.

“Armed and dangerous”: CAST AND DATA SHEET

  • Duration: 109 minutes
  • Year: 2013
  • Country: USA
  • Address: Baltasar Kormkur
  • Guin: Blake Masters. Graphic Novel: Steven Grant
  • Distribution: Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, James Marsden, Edward James Olmos, Fred Ward, Robert John Burke, Greg Sproles,
  • Production Company: Universal Pictures, EFO Films, Boom! Studios, Envision Entertainment Corporation


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