The daring theory of a tiktoker about the relationship between Johnny Depp and his lawyer in the trial against Amber Heard

The relationship between Johnny Depp and his lawyers has been greatly strengthened as the progress progresses libel trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heardbut there is something that caught the attention of users, because the actor seems to be very close and quite comfortable, especially with someone from his defense: Camille Vásquez. Rumors about an alleged romance between the lawyer and the producer have traveled all over the Internetaccompanied by videos of the trial that is televised worldwide and that keeps all viewers on the lookout.

Johnny and Camille exchanged a few glances and smiles and even held hands in the midst of hearings in the Court of Fairfax, Virginia, which has caused social networks to be flooded with speculation about a possible love relationship. Apparently, it is the network users themselves who have dedicated themselves to manufacturing this I ship as they chase all the details of the trialbecause neither of the two involved has given more information and even some people close to the woman have denied all these versions.

Johnny Depp with his lawyer Camille at the trial against Amber Heard

Users published some fragments of the live broadcast of the trial, where Depp and Camille hug or interact while the hearing is taking place, with the aim of “verifying” that both do maintain a relationship beyond work. In this sense, the portal TMZ He took on the task of investigating with sources close to the woman if this affair really exists, since the rumors have already surpassed the barriers and have become very viral in recent days.

Camille Vazquez is Johnny Depp's lawyer in the trial against Amber Heard
Camille Vazquez is Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the trial against Amber HeardInstagram @camillevasquezofficial

TMZ assured that it is only a fiction invented by the fans, because people close to Camille explained that she is dedicated exclusively to doing her job and protecting her client and that she is even committed to her partner at the momentso his closeness to the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean it is merely a link between the defense and its client. It’s no secret to anyone that Johnny and his lawyers have built a relationship of intimate trust, so it’s no surprise that he gets along so well with a member of his team.

Johnny Depp and his closeness to his lawyer Camille in the trial against Amber Heard

Meanwhile, the sources of the aforementioned media revealed that the actor’s legal team is solely focused on defending him in court, and that they have strengthened ties with him after the oral trial sessions because he is a very funny person. In relation to this, Camille could not help but laugh at some of Depp’s jokes dduring witness statements. Nevertheless, they are said to interact naturallywithout any intention behind, much less any loving reason.

They also stressed that the 38-year-old woman does not consider that she is treated differently from the other litigants, since in reality they have all tried to stay strong and united as the trial against Amber Heard progresses. Johnny Depp is usually nice to people, so it’s not surprising that he tries to empathize with his lawyers; in addition to the fact that in the live broadcast of the trial they are seen as a true team.

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