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It appears that the tweets that have trended the Hollywood star are the result of a joke created by the satirical film news account Le Cinéphiles.

Leonardo DiCaprio became a trend on social networks, after he supposedly rented a cinema to see all the movies of starwars; situation that her partner, Camila Morrone, described as her worst date.

It seems that the tweets that have placed the Hollywood star in trend are the result of a joke created by the satirical account on film news Le Cinéphiles, which published some alleged words by Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s current partner, about the alleged “worst date” of their life.

“He rented out the entire theater and made me watch every ‘Star Wars’ movie while he ran around with his lightsaber pretending he was fighting bad guys,” said the false quote from the actor’s girlfriend.

However, so far no one has shown signs of wanting to clarify said humorous rumor of the couple. This is not the first time that the actor has been joked about his great taste for the science fiction saga; months ago, another comment arose where he claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio had forced Jonah Hill to see ‘The Mandalorian’ during the COVID-19 quarantine.

As if that were not enough, there were also rumors that the couple had ended their engagement; However, recent photos of his vacation on the Caribbean coast put an end to the gossip. Currently DiCaprio, 47, and his girlfriend, 20 years younger, have been together for almost five years.

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