The 5 best songs of Ariana Grande according to Rolling Stone

Magazine rolling stone took a tour of the trajectory of Ariana Grande to present the highlights of his musical career in pop, from the creation of powerful ballads to memorable anthems. Therefore, we present you which are the best songs of the singer according to the recognized publication.

Although she started her path as a child actress, the pop star made her debut as a singer with the single “Put Your Hearts Up”. She has since abandoned the image of her from ‘Victorious’, a Nickelodeon program where she performed, to portray with her music: anxiety, desire, pain, trauma and infidelity.

Ariana Grande Best Songs

rolling stone is aware that each fan of the American interpreter will have their own list of their songs favorites of Ariana Grande, but they decided to analyze different aspects of their melodies to classify them in a top 50 best. Here are the singles that took the top 5 spots:

For the magazine, in the number 1 position of the best songs of the American interpreter is “Into You” due to the surprise that its dark pop generated, as well as the seduction and impudence that the lyrics have. In fact, they noted, “cleverly creates a fantasy that is so captivating that you can’t help but be transported to the mist-shrouded underground club.”

  • two. “No Tears Left to Cry”

Following the tragic bombing at her Manchester concert in 2017, Ariana returned to the scene with “No Tears Left to Cry” where rolling stone His work with Max Martin stands out in the musical aspect, but they recognize his ability to capture the pain that what happened left him and the way he digests the healing to restart his life.

Ghostin“She is highly applauded by the music publication due to her way of sharing a vulnerable moment of her life where with her sad voice and strings Ariana Grande addresses the mourning she experienced after the death of Mac Miller, as well as the effect this tragedy had on her then-relationship with Pete Davidson.

The singer issues a warning about using someone to get over an ex with “Bad Idea”, which the American magazine considers as a “soulful, trap-tinged cut that embodies the feeling of having drinks in the club and going out on the dance floor to distract yourself”. He also praised the work of the guitar chords at the beginning.

rolling stone noted that the song marked a before and after in culture, so he put it at number 5 on his list of the best songs from Ariana Grande. Also, the word “Thank U Next” became part of our language to refer to those people who have benefited us in our personal growth.

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