Sofía Vergara revealed that she suffered from thyroid cancer

Sofía Vergara confessed that she suffered from thyroid cancer when she was 28 years old and that early care made her survive. Photo: AFP

Colombian actress S.Ofía Vergara made a strong revelation by confessing that she had thyroid cancer when she was 28 years old and that early care made her survive.

Sofía Vergara participated in the “Stand Up To Cancer” marathon of the “Saturday night” program in order to raise funds for the fight against cancer, where he revealed the details of his illnessad.

Sofía Vergara, 49, who has achieved worldwide fame with her role in the series “Modern Family”, left everyone present speechless by revealing that she suffered from cancer at the age of 28.

“At age 28, during a routine doctor’s visit, my doctor noticed a lump in my neck. They did a lot of tests and eventually they told me he had thyroid cancer.”

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian said that after the diagnosis she began to look for information, “I read every book and discovered everything I could about this. I was lucky that the detection was early and that I had the support of my doctors, and especially my family. I learned a lot from that moment, not just about thyroid cancer.”

The actress explained that early diagnosis and having the support of his doctors and family allowed him to get ahead successfully.

Vergara kept her cancer diagnosis private because I didn’t want the pressure of being in the spotlight during that difficult time.

“I think when you go through an experience like that your priorities change. You realize what is important to you.”

Sofia Vergara

Although Sofia Vergara managed to beat cancer still continues with treatment to control hypothyroidism.

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