Sofia Vergara and other celebrities who look like their children’s sisters

Sofia Vergara with her son Manolo Vergara.

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Being a mother is considered by many to be the most powerful blessing a woman can experience, but there are also those who are lucky to look like sisters of their own children.

Thanks to the discipline they have, the good genetics they carry, or because they experienced motherhood when they were very young, famous as Bibi Gaytan, Ludwika Palette, Stephanie Chambers, Barbara of Regil, Sofia Vergara Y Barbara Moriamong others, look almost contemporary with their offspring.

“The perception of the mother, of the maternal figure, but above all of how a mother had to behave, dress, put on makeup and act, had a change from the traditional Baby Boomers, from those who were born in the 50s and below, to Generation X and, of course, millennials,” says Álvaro Gordoa, rector of the Public Image College.

“The woman begins to say that she does not have to grow old or force herself to grow older, be more boring and stop having fun for having started the role of mother“added the expert.

Many of the famous ones fall into the pattern of generation “X” moms, because they are in fullness, updated, they look fashionable, they like to get ready, make up, they exercise and even share clothes with their daughters.

“That’s why that comment begins to be given: ‘They could be sisters’ or ‘you dress just like your daughters’, because they share tastes with the daughters. This is something that is here to stay,” Gordoa said.

It’s just the case Stephanie Chambers52, who became a mother at a very young age, and maintains a modern attitude that she shares with her two daughters.

I tell you, I think that all my life I have been told that if I am the sister“Stephanie shared with a smile.

“The truth is that since I am a very jovial woman, for me there is no age, I like to be in any environment, with any generation, I like to feel modern, to be in the ideology of my daughters and to feel that time does not pass and that you don’t get left behind.”

In the case of the singer and her daughters, they even have a code that they use on certain occasions.

“When we go to events where I don’t want them to know that I’m their mother, because I want to meet people, I want the leading men to approach me too, right? so many times we play the game that they are not going to say that I am their mother and we call each other among the three Mush.

“We use it when we go to a wedding or somewhere where I want to feel that I am not old and that people are not going to make a ‘what?’ face when I tell them that I have a 32-year-old daughter (Michelle) and another 25 (Camila),” she shared.

Nico, 22 years old, son of Ludwika Palette43, does not know what her mother does to take care of her image, but she likes that she looks beautiful.

“Yes, what a father… I’ve been living on my own for a long time, but I think the important thing to see you young is what you eat and how you take care of yourself,” he said.

At 50 years old, Bibi seems to have a pact with time that makes her look radiant as a mother of five children.

“My daughter does everything in her house: she takes care of her children as if she were a treasure, and she is. She loves her family, she’s always active, she’s like the flash! For all sides. Children need it, the little ones, and the big ones too.

“She does her ballet classes, she exercises, she walks, she does everything. And yes, she looks like a sister to her daughtersnot because she is my daughter, but she is divine, and if you don’t know them you say: ‘They are sisters’”, expressed Silvia Barragán, mother of Eduardo Capetillo’s wife.

Due to the jovial attitude of modern mothers, the age difference between women and their children is becoming less and less noticeable.

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