social media against Mia Dimšić for a song by Taylor Swift

The first hours following the first semifinal of Eurovision 2022 which aired yesterday, Tuesday 10 May, continue with the Croatia accused of plagiarism. Not a commission or the intervention of one of the leaders of the ESC: to point the finger at the artist Mia Dimšić are the social networks, which in his song Guilty Pleasure they found similarities with a song by Taylor Swift.

Croatia accused of plagiarism

While Mia Dimšić was performing at the PalaOlimpico in Turin yesterday evening, on social networks – in particular on Twitter – accusations and jokes rained down for an alleged similarity between the song Guilty Pleasure of the young Croatian artist and the hit Willow from Taylor Swiftsingle contained in the album Evermore (2020).

“Croatia is one groupie by Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo “someone wrote; “It seems written by Taylor Swift of the discount store”someone else added. Moreover, from the international newspapers, as early as February – as evidenced by an article published in February 20 – the various accusations against Mia Dimšić were reported, rumor to which the artist has never replied. In fact, there was already talk of “Croatian Taylor Swift”.

The songs in comparison

The YouTube user Mayer uploaded a video in which the two songs are compared. The author proves that Guilty Pleasure by Mia Dimšić And Willow by Taylor Swift are vaguely similar only in the intro recorded with acoustic guitars, for everything else “The songs differ in tonality and time”where is it “time” stands for BPM.

Basically, therefore, one could speak of a continuity of style between the two artists. For the moment Mia Dimšić did not reply to the accusations, much less did Taylor Swift who probably was not reached by this trend. In the meantime, a tweet from the account K Taylor’s Version is passed off as an explanation by the Croatian artist herself.

In the tweet we read:

“The song of Croatia at Eurovision was inspired by Taylor Swift (in particular from the Folklore and Evermore albums) and the singer has declared Taylor as one of her greatest sources of inspiration”.

Actually the account K Taylor’s Version it is in no way related to the Croatian artistlet alone the authors of the tweet specify the source of Mia Dimšić’s statements.

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