Selena Gomez apologizes after being related to Hailey Bieber

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    Four years have passed since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put an end to an intermittent relationship that fed the pages of international couché paper for more than seven years. And since then, the ‘fandom’ of both artists seems not to have overcome this disagreement and whenever possible insists on linking them. The last news that linked them dates back to last summer, when it seemed that the singer had sent a hint to her ex-partner through a TikTok video. Now, another new video from this social network seems to involve Gomez with Bieber, although in this case it is not with Justin, but with Haileyhis wife.

    This salseo goes back to last Tuesday, when the model shared a video of her beauty routine on this aforementioned social network —which are a real success, by the way—. Hours later, Gomez uploaded a similar video in which she seemed to imitate someone. Coincidence or subliminal attack? Some eyes and an ironic attitude suggested that the tone of this video was more comical than strictly serious. As expected, the Bieber fans were on top of the interpreter.

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    In the end, he apologized

    Between video and video —the one made by Hailey and the one uploaded by Selena— only five hours passed, which clearly related both tutorials. Thus, some of the comments that Gomez received prayed “You are a loser who always gets away with harassing other women” and “the way she rolled her eyes when she took each step…”, among other harsh comments that reached the ears of the creator of the video.

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    Your answer? Choose to back down, apologize and never mention Hailey, who has also not commented on the possible mockery. “For things like that I think we should take care of mental health. Guys, I have no idea what I did, but I’m sorry. I had no bad intentions, I will delete it soon ”, the singer cut short while she deactivated the comments of said TikTok clip that, by the way, is still uploaded – although we cannot see the criticisms.

    This is not the first time in a couple of months that the fans of both young women randomly relate them. Without going any further, last April it was Hailey who exploded and assured “it had been a long time”, subtly referring to the link between Selena and her current husband. “Leave me alone. I just mind my own business, I don’t do anything or say anything. Leave me alone”, she concluded seriously.

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