Selena Gomez apologizes after being accused of criticizing Hailey Bieber

It all started on May 10 when Hailey Bieber posted some “get ready with me” videos on TikTok. Just a few hours later, Selena Gomez shared a clip of her own routine on the social network, and some followers were quick to make assumptions about the intention behind her video.

“LOL I know who you mean,” one commenter wrote, according to a screenshot shared by a user on social media. And another added, “Wait… is she trying to make fun of you know who?”

However, Selena soon made it clear that she wasn’t making fun of anyone. “This is why I believe in taking care of your mental health,” she wrote, according to another screenshot shared by a fan account.

“Guys, I have no idea what I did, but I’m really sorry. Zero bad intentions. Deleting it soon.”

Selena later disabled comments below her video. However, many fans came to her defense after she shared a new post.

“Don’t apologize,” one follower wrote. “You didn’t do anything wrong, just keep being you!” And another added, “She was just showing her care for her skin, people need to leave her alone.”

While some have tried to pit Selena and Hailey against each other over their ties to Justin Bieber (Selena previously dated him and he is married to Hailey), the “Wolves” singer and model have proven time and time again that there is no wrong blood between them, giving each other subtle signs of support in social networks.

And when rumors of tension have spread, they have been quick to shut them down. After Selena released her 2019 hit “Lose You to Love Me” and Hailey later posted a screenshot of Selena’s song. Summer Walker “I’ll Kill You”, for example, the artist seemed to criticize any speculation about any animosity and urged fans to be respectful.

“I’m so thankful for the response to the song,” Selena said at the time. “However, I will never tolerate women ripping other women apart. So please be nice to everyone.”

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