Selena Gomez and what she has had to live for lupus disease

The American singer with Mexican roots, Selena Gomez, has been throughout her career in the acting and music industry, one of the most complete and talented celebrities we have known.

In addition to everything, Selena has also shown her dedication and work as a businesswoman, having launched her own makeup line called ‘Rare Beauty’, which has been a success in sales since its launch.

Although the singer has always remained positive and focused on her work, she has also, like all human beings, been the victim of some problems with her physical and mental health.

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It was in 2017 when the singer faced a complicated kidney transplant that she urgently needed to stay alive, an organ that was donated by her childhood friend, Francia Raisa, from whom it has been said in recent years that she moved away Of the singer. The reason? It is still a mystery.

In fact, this 2022 marks seven years since the artist was diagnosed with the disease that not only torments her, but other celebrities such as Lady Gaga and businesswoman Kim Kardashian. Although for Selena, her process of being able to live with this disease has been very complicated due to its secondary effects that it produces in the body and mind.

But, what is lupus? According to the Lupus Foundation of America, it is a disease that is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms tend to be confused with other pathologies of the body, although it is clear that more women than men suffer from it. Well, according to the organization, 9 out of 10 people who suffer from it are women.

He also highlights that some of the things that cause the appearance of the disease in people are due to stress, the application of medicine such as penicillin and even constant excessive heat in the body. About 5 million people currently suffer from it, and every time, medicine warns about this disease.

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In the case of the former Disney girl, she herself has confessed in various interviews or programs about the effects it has on her body, and that it is very difficult for her to control, such as weight change, changes in mood and emotions, and even the loss of strength, as it reveals that sometimes she needs help to be able to squeeze a lemon because of the pain that being able to do exercises of this type produces in her hands, as the singer herself confessed on her HBO cooking show ‘Selena + Chef’ Max.

This has been one of the several reasons why Gomez also decided to stay away from social networks on past occasions, since it was something that caused her stress disorders and conflicts with herself due to the constant criticism she receives on them.

And it is that like all celebrities, Selena has also been a victim of ‘bullying’ on the Internet, either because of her weight changes, her style of dress, her music or her love relationships. Despite everything, the actress has remained stable today, and focused on her makeup brand, from which she has been launching new products this year.

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