Scott Disick criticized for “disturbing” comments on Khloe Kardashian’s body after she praised her clothing line

SCOTT Disick was snatched up by fans for commenting on Khloe Kardashian’s body on Instagram.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was previously criticized for asking her to be his “topless waitress.”

Fans called it


He made several explicit comments towards the reality star in the new season


Now 38-year-old Scott has ruffled his feathers again with a new post on his Instagram Stories.

On Tuesday, 37-year-old Khloe jumped to her own platform to promote her father-of-three’s latest drop of clothing for her Talentless line.

In the shot, four different sets of suits were arranged on the patio furniture in black, gray, tie-dye blue and cream.

The reality star captioned her post by tagging Scott and his clothing company.

Scott Disick criticized for sexual comments

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The controversial father then shared the photo back into his own story, adding the caption: “Wear it well with that Khlo body.”


But fans were shocked by his mention of Khloe’s physique, turning to Reddit to slam it as inappropriate.

“It must be so exhausting to be part of a family where EVERYTHING revolves around looks and money. Damn, there’s no real substance in these people, ”one railed.

“They repeat biblical verses and ‘QuoTeS InSpIraTioNaL’ to pretend they are interested in things other than superficial shit, but they are really empty shells of people.”

“The dude is creepy,” expressed a second, while a third said briefly, “It gives me weird vibes.”

“I think once you’re your sister’s ex-boyfriend, weird jokes and flirtations completely stop being funny,” agreed another.

A fifth added: “They are both disturbing. Their sexual jokes have never been funny to me. “

“This is just bad, at this point it is legitimate to try to stay in the family and use the sister who would probably agree. Why ewww, ”said another as an ending read:“ CRINGE ™. ”


Scott shocked fans with his sexual comments towards Khloe in the first season of their new Hulu show.

Last week, the TV personality sent social media users into a frenzy when he asked her to be his “topless waitress.”

In the questionable scene, Khloe visited her sister’s ex to “check” him after Kourtney’s lavish beach engagement to Travis Barker.

The model brought him a package full of junk food in the hopes of brightening his mood.

The two were then greeted by Scott’s new dog, who got a little too horny and peed on the floor.

Scott recognized the incident but turned his attention to the gift basket, leaving Khloe to clean up the mess.

The founder of Good American went to get cleaning products from under the sink and got down on her knees to clean it.

Seeing Khloe on the floor prompted Scott to make some suggestive comments towards the TV star.

“Oh, there you go, come down, Khloverton. Come down, ”he said.

Khloe didn’t seem impressed by the comments from the Flip It Like Disick star, who replied, “Yes, you won’t leave the pee on the floor.”

“Do your thing; you look sexy, ”continued Scott,“ I’d hire you, if like, hot waitresses, topless waitresses or something. ”

Khloe replied, “Okay, well, I wouldn’t be topless,” to which Scott sarcastically replied, “You’d be spotless.”


A Reddit user referred to the scene in a post, starting a discussion about the Hulu star’s behavior.

“I think Khloe was right to report him for her irritability. I think it says a lot for him to be insecure that he is not part of the family that has nurtured him for the past decade and a half of his life, ”one person commented.

Another fan questioned the father-of-three’s mood by asking, “Is Scott high?”

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A third user called the interaction “creepy” while also hitting Khloe’s actions in the scene.

“Khloe uses Scott for creepy and inappropriate validation … even creepy.”

Scott asked for Khloe to be his


He previously dated Kourtney for nearly a decade


They share three children


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