Rumor: Bryce Dallas Howard will direct the Fantastic Four and play Sue Storm (Invisible Woman)

Bryce Dallas Howard is an actress with a long career in Hollywood and little by little she has been making her way in spaces such as direction and production, but perhaps a role that everyone wants to see on the big screen will come to her life. Via Geekosity it is reported that Dallas She could already be in talks to play Sue Storm and direct the next Fantastic Four movie, a long-awaited title for MCU fans.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88% introduced us to a variant of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four. Although the rest did not appear and poor Reed succumbed to the deadly powers of the Scarlet Witch, it is clear that the version of the 616 universe still has a long way to go and that the new film will be a great experiment.

The Fantastic Four actors from the main universe are still in the process of being cast, and one of them may be Bryce DallasHoward. Geekosity maintains that Marvel Studios is seriously considering her for the role of the Invisible Woman, the beloved superheroine who will arrive at any moment in the MCU to enchant fans along with her companions; the position of director could also remain in her hands.

This rumor about casting Dallas Howard as Sue Storm is being well received by fans, however, another big favorite for the role is Emily Blunt, long-time actress and wife of John Krasinski. Audiences want to see the real-life couple pairing up at Marvel Studios (although we already saw it in A Quiet Place – 98%), in addition, John is also being asked to direct the reboot since Jon Watts left the position a few months ago. The road to the premiere of The Fantastic Four still seems quite far.

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The truth is that hiring Krasinski as Reed Richards was something that fans requested years ago and that Marvel Studios ended up making a reality, albeit in the form of a variant. Influencers specialized in rumors about superhero movies such as Daniel R.P.K. Y MyTimeToShineHelloThey have mentioned through their networks that Marvel is still thinking about whether to leave John as the Reed Richards of the main universe or choose another actor; the first option sounds like the best, the fans want it that way.

Bryce DallasHoward is not, at all, a bad alternative to the Invisible Woman. The 41-year-old star has earned the affection of the public thanks to her interventions in The Mandalorian- 91% and The Boba Fett Book – 63%, the Star Wars series on Disney Plus that have generated a stir among the public; Bryce was in charge of the episodes The Sanctuary, The Heiress and The Return of the Mandalorian, and has even become part of the select creative team made up of Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Deborah Chow and Robert Rodriguez, the minds that currently support the distant galaxy on the small screen.

The next movie from Marvel Studios is Thor: Love and Thunder, an adventure that MCU fans have long awaited but was cut short by the global health crisis. The company has another great title in its hands that could become one of the highest grossing movies of 2022, proving that superhero movies still have what it takes to attract consumers. According to the official calendar, it opens in theaters on July 8.

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