Richard Benson died, he was 67 years old

Richard Benson died today, May 10, at the age of 67. His social media profiles made the announcement. “He fought like a lion once again against death and unfortunately he did not make it ”. Apparently his last words were “if I die, I’ll die happy”.

There are certain news that you hope you will never have to hear, let alone give. With a metalhead adolescence, in the early years of Youtube Italy, it was impossible not to come across compilations or full episodes by Richard Benson. The image of the fastest guitarist in the world, with important friends throughout the world star system, seemed to differ a lot from the host of the music programs in the private networks of Rome and Lazio. But it didn’t matter.

From a figure of the Roman underground to an ante-litteram meme, Richard Benson was a well-known name in the underworld of characters on the Italian web. His concerts, in which the public enjoyed throwing any kind of food onto the stage, had become the order of the day for the English-born guitarist. Indeed he said “I have fun”. “When I played in Japan, everyone was silent and I missed my audience ”he confessed in an interview with Repubblica.

It was known that Richard Benson was ill. In 2016 he released a video in which he appealed to his fans by talking about heart problems. He was asking for financial support, although his friends like “Barack Obama and important record companies” were helping him.

Now that Richard Benson is leaving, I realize that everything he said, the truth about what he did or who he was, doesn’t matter. In one way or another, he has been able to entertain thousands of spectators, like real rock stars.

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