Reveal messages from Amber Heard’s parents to Depp

In the middle of public trial for defamation facing Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in Virginia, United States, came to light some text messages between the parents of the actress from AquamanDavid Heard and Paige Parsons, with the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, that would expose the relationship between them before whoever plays Jack Sparrow was involved in domestic violence complaints.

The messages are dated May 2016just after Heard filed a restraining order against the plaintiff from Charlie and the chocolate factory for alleged physical and emotional violence. The conversation would show that Depp asked him to vacate an apartment he owned.

What do the messages say to Johnny Depp?

According to the evidence that the defense showed, the exchange happened first with Paige. heard’s mother apparently he would have explained to Depp the reasons behind his daughter’s actions when going to the authorities.

“His attorney told him he had to do it and he had to do it today. That’s why he wanted to talk to you. I swear this wasn’t her idea and she didn’t do it willingly. They told her that it was her only option not to be expelled from the department. I’m not making excuses, but that’s what she believed. She didn’t want to do it. He felt that he was betraying his only love, but the lawyers said so”, he wrote according to The nation.

In addition, the woman also made a request to her son-in-law, although it was evidently not fulfilled in the recent confrontation they have in court. “Please don’t show this if you ever speak to Amber again. I love you son. Please don’t use what I told you from my heart against me, please.”, he added.

Depp responded to the message by assuring that if his ex-wife did not want to send a message to the world that he is a violent hitter, he would not have to show a photograph where it seems to have been abused. “I don’t deserve this, especially not from her”, he pointed.

Another of the texts that were shown as evidence occurs with Amber’s father, David Heard, which reinforces what Paige said. “The lawyer told him that he had to do it or he would not have a place to live in 30 days”.

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