Ray J says Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner “teamed up” with him during the 2007 sex tape leak

Ray J said Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner agreed to “leak” a sex tape in the mid-2000s.

Last week, the Love & Hip Hop star disputed the footage included in the third episode of the new Hulu reality TV series The Kardashians in which Kanye West is seen handing a briefcase to his ex-wife Kim that contained footage still private of her. her relationship with Ray J.

The real name of 41-year-old William Ray Norwood Jr. and Kim originally made the pornographic video in 2002 and the “first” tape was released in 2007.

“Ho has been in the shadows for over 14 years allowing the Kardashians to use my name, abuse my name, make billions of dollars over a decade and a half by talking about a topic I’ve never really talked about,” he said. told DailyMail .com on Wednesday. “I’ve never leaked anything. I’ve never leaked a sex tape in my life. It was never a leak. It has always been an agreement and partnership between me and Kris Jenner, Kim and me and we have always been partners since the beginning of this. “

Ray J went on to say that only one tape was released, but Kim kept two more videos in a shoe box under her bed.

Additionally, she claimed not to speak to the TV personality in a decade, but recently sent her a direct message asking her to stop commenting on the matter.

“I don’t have a tape to lose. I’ve never leaked a tape. I don’t have a plan to ruin them, ”said Ray J.

Representatives of Kris and Kim have not yet responded to the allegations.

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