Psg, or the ostentation of wasted money: Donnarumma, Messi, Hakimi and Sergio Ramos are worth just yet another French championship

Money for nothing is the title of a well-known song by the To say Straitsbut it could also represent the right phrase to describe the season of Paris Saint Germain. Money down the drain. Because for the very obvious victory of the Ligue 1 certainly did not need the money invested, including engagements and cost of the card, in the various Messi, Wijnaldum, DonnarummaSergio Ramos e Hakimistickers to add to a collection already pharaonic in itself, but all substantially useless in the economy of a team that has seen the usual suspects excel: Mbappè, Neymar, Verratti. It is no coincidence that the best seasonal purchase – in the relationship between cost and yield – was also the least mediatic one, that is Danilo Pereira from Porto, an element already in the team with Pochettino in the previous season with the loan formula. Not an absolute novelty then, as it is not Idrissa Gueyeanother little-celebrated player but capable of winning a starting shirt at the expense of much more popular names such as Georginio Wijnaldum, the biggest disappointment in the PSG year.

The Dutchman has only played eight full games this season, finishing smoothed out in continuous role changes who saw him occupy all positions in PSG’s three-man midfield, but also act like left wing o right (role he held at the beginning of his career in Feyenoord), or as an attacking midfielder. In no position, however, Wijnaldum did better than player which he had to replace, proving particularly disappointing in the role of Verratti’s bass play. Colorless performances that made him lose even the starting shirt in the national Dutch. In Qatar however he will be there, unlike his teammate Sergio Ramoswhose presence is in doubt due to the continuous physical problems that have accompanied him throughout the season.

Already subscribed to long stays in Infirmary in his last year of Real Madridin Paris the Spaniard was blocked three times, adding almost seven months of absence, including injuries to the calf and muscle problems. Zero attendance in Champions528 total minutes played in Ligue 1. Too little, despite the 2 goals scored, for the economic investment made by the club. Obviously, since Ramos is a zero parameter like Messi, Wijnaldum and Donnarumma, the outlay we are talking about relates to the increase in payroll and the consequent increase in depreciation costs.

If, among the newcomers, Wijnaldum is the player who offered the yield worsethe symbol of the failure of the PSG summer market is Gianluigi Donnarummawhose blatant mistake in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid was decisive for the club’s elimination from trophy which, budget in hand, represents the true yardstick of their own seasons. It was not the only serious mistake of the Italian national team this season, but undoubtedly the heaviest one, given that the teammates failed to put a piece on it, unlike, for example, the big match against the team.Olympique Marseille of April, won by PSG in comeback. But these are games of notably different weight. Donnarumma suffered a lot there competition of a goalkeeper of the highest level (and great experience) such as Keylor Navas, almost its opposite from a media point of view. A ballot as never before in the goalkeeper’s professional career, moreover faced away from the Italian comfort zone. The one who, as he wrote Andrea Romano in an old article of the Donehas stuck the label of “phenomenon in the making […] and symbol at all costs […] because her story was fresh water for one certain narration sportswoman with a dry throat for too long “.

Hakimi cost 60 million euros but the enthusiasm, his and the press, quickly evaporated, despite a great start (debut goal in Ligue 1brace at Metz at the end of September). A sharply decreasing yield curve in which he also affected the tactical positioning as right-back in a four-man defense (with a feeling with the bandmate Di Maria never took off) rather than outside in a midfield to five. But even when Pochettino proposed his most favorite module, the greyness remained, as well as the discontentboth of the person concerned (according to the Hakimi Team he complained of being frowned upon by the clan South Americanso much so that they prefer to change air already in the summer), both of fans and clubs, given the load of expectations (justified, in light of the recent seasons of the Moroccan with Borussia Dortmund And Inter) and the significant outlay.

Finally Messi, a case in itself. Being able to get it on a free transfer was a great opportunity e unrepeatable. It is obvious that PSG didn’t need Messi to beat the Brugge in the Champions League nor to win the Ligue 1, a championship moreover where the Argentine has not even touched the double figures (4 goals scored, plus 5 in Europe); it was from the 2005-06 season (6 goals in La Liga, 8 overall) that he did not score so little. However, by digging under the surface, you come across data that tell a different story. According to an analysis OptMessi is the best in Europe in the top five leagues for goal chances created, with an average of 2 per game. Even in the average assists the Argentine excels with 0.69 every 90 minutes, preceding Thomas Muller Bayern Munich (0.61), Lovro Majer of Rennes (0.5) and teammate Kylian Mbappèpaired with Christopher Nkunku of RB Leipzig at 0.49. Another statistical curiosity: Messi is the first footballer in the history of the French league to have registered two triplets of assists in a season (obviously since these figures are counted). Numbers that mitigate, but do not eliminate, the bitterness in the mouth of a season, however, below expectations with respect to its status and own standard.

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